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Different types of entrepreneurs that one can become in 2020

"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine... who do the things no one can imagine." - Alan Turing

Different types of entrepreneurs that one can become in 2020

Monday August 24, 2020,

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As you must know with the fast changing world, the digital transformation has taken place with the new technologies and up-gradation of the new skills.

Now, the world is full of work and amount of the workload that Individuals have differs completely from the past few years.

Because of which, more and more employees from around the world are thinking to start their own business or have already started with their own Enterprises to become a Successful Entrepreneur.

But Guess. What?

With the change in the technology and the work that you do.

The Word used to describe these types of Entrepreneur are also changing as well.

So keeping you up to date with the unique Entrepreneurs types that you can become in 2020. I have curated a list of 20 terms of Entrepreneurs that you can become.

20 Types of Entrepreneurs to become in 2020

1. Intrapreneur

The very First type of Intrapreneur are the individual that work with the innovative ideas within the company.

These individuals have the freedom to be creative and mainly depend on their employers for the capital and resources to make their thought in a reality.

But you know what?

Besides being creative and responsible for creating the recent ideas, they do not get any credit for the ideas they create.

Although, these individuals have access to the company’s main applications, experts and technologies that might use to get started in their own ventures.

2. Expatpreneurs

These types of Entrepreneurs are the individuals who start their business abroad.

As moving to an unfamiliar country will provide you with the unique position to assess new opportunities and can easily identify market needs.

So, to start the business abroad will provide you with a strong mentality of the business and have more opportunities to start the business in any community or culture.

Besides this, you will also have a great opportunity to work with a like-minded individual in your niche to make your business more successful.

3. Startupreneur

Another type of Entrepreneur that you can become is Startupreneur.

These types of entrepreneurs are basically the startups that mainly focus on the creating the entirely unfamiliar type of technology or the products that can change the whole Industry or bring the next revolution in industry.

As the startupreneur are working on creating something different from the other mainstream Industry, they are part of their responsibility to create a vast audience for which they can create a demand for the company.

4. Wantrepreneur

With the spirit and desire to become an Entrepreneur, many individuals become a Wantrepreneur.

These individuals are the one who has the ideas to create a glorious business but cannot take their own ideas to the next levels as they miss out with the self direction, motivation, capital and daily routine that has followed by the top Entrepreneurs.

5. Webpreneur

With the change in the digital form, the way we earn money today is also changing.

And Here comes our Next type of Entrepreneur – Webpreneur

Webpreneur is the individuals that earn money through the mode of Digital.

These types of individuals completely depend on the internet-based business and keep their presence & actions highly active on the entire online mode.

As webpreneur doesn’t need any offline store, marketing efforts, or anything else that is needed to start the business, you can easily start with your own Journey to become a Webpreneur.

6. Solopreneur

Solopreneurs are the individuals who start or operate their business on their own.

Basically, many individuals start the business with co-founders, solopreneur prefers to work alone and work with one person’s ideas that take their own decision rather than taking a piece of advice from the business partners or Advisors.

7. Videopreneur

These are the Individuals that have increased with time.

With the easy availability of the Internet, Videopreneur is the individuals who earn money or start their own business with the help of the Videos.

These individuals either make Product reviews, unboxing, Motivational Videos, Comedy Videos, or any other Videos that you prefer to watch daily.

8. Twitterpreneur

In our age, many of you are using Twitter.

We all know twitter as a microblogging site used by the top celebrities, politicians, Cricketers, Authors and companies.

But do you know ?

You can also start your business to earn money with the help of Twitter.

Yes. You heard it Right.

Twitterpreneur are the individuals that showcase their skills and talents to earn money from the Twitter.

While many of you are unaware to use the twitter as moneymaking platform. Twitterpreneur build their own segmented audience on twitter, increase their tweets authority and come out to become a profitable Twitterpreneurs.

As with the help of tweets that Twitterpreneurs make, these individuals can convert their audience into the consumers by using the platform.

9. Socialpreneur

These types of entrepreneurs fous on to put human well being first.

Socialpreneurs are the entrepreneurs of the social enterprises that only care about the well being of their consumers and work to make an impact on the environments.

Without giving the much focus on the profits, these individuals work with the mindset to make ethics of the small and micro businesses rule out.

10. Kidspreneur

There is no age limit to start the business.

A Kidspreneur is a Kid who starts their business to make a positive difference in the world at the very young age.

These types of Kids believe in their own ideas and dreams to fulfill and lives a life with a purpose full of happiness.

If you think your kids are among one, with recent ideas and dreams, you can help them understand entrepreneurship, create and show them the right route to achieve their own dreams.

11. Mompreneur

Mompreneur is a term given to the Mothers, these mothers run their business during their pregnancy or during the first months or years of their motherhood with an ambition to become successful in business.

Although these types of entrepreneurs face a hard feat when their children are born as it becomes difficult to take care and raise their young children while doing business.

Yet, these mothers keep themselves moving forward as a female business owner who seems actively balancing the role of mom and takes full charge of their responsibility in business and raises their children.

12. Dadpreneur

Dadprenuer is much similar to the Momprenuer.

These types of Entrepreneur are the business owner who keeps on balancing his family life and business.

Dadpreneur typically works from the home with a highly busy professional life but also keeps their family happy.

13. Womenpreneur

With the continuous increase in the entrepreneurship, womenpreneur has been growing rapidly in the past few years.

Womenprenuer is on the rise as more and more women are creating their own paths with the aim to create an innovative business that could become successful.

14. Homepreneur

Many individuals start their business with the enormous offices.

While Homepreneur are the individuals who start their business from home rather than buying enormous offices and many of the employees.

Homepreneur can be seen as a freelancer doing the work from Home. They usually work for multiple people at the same time whether it is technology, digital marketing, coding, Data Entry, or any other work that they can easily do from home.

The crucial thing about Homeprenuer is that these individuals are highly skilled and talented in a particular niche.

15. Fauxpreneur

Like wantpreneurs, these individuals aspire to become entrepreneurs but aren’t.

Fauxprenuers has a unique business concept and product ideas, but because of the lack of proper planning, they aren’t able to develop a idea into reality.

These individuals tend to have recycled data points, focus on building products or apps, aim to get rich quickly but miss out on the most important part of entrepreneurship i.e. risk and reward.

16. Salespreneur

Salesprenuer is basically the salesperson of any company, but rather than taking themselves as a normal employee.

These individuals take full charge of their job responsibility and their own lives with the aim to learn more about the products, their markets, competitions, prospects, and their clients.

17. Comfortpreneur

These are the entrepreneur that work with a belief that there old is better as they refuse to adapt, improve, or change the business structure & strategies with the time.

They are most comfortable working with outdated technologies and methods that are no longer useful to run the business.

So instead of focusing on the new technologies and skills, they always work with the technologies from the past years as they are not comfortable in using the latest technologies to change the working strategies.

18. Vetrepreneur

These individuals are the veterans that start their own business.

As vetrepreneur have gained invaluable leadership skills, they can start their own business themselves once they are being discharged from the military.

So, if you are in a Military and thinking to start your own business you can become a vetrepreneur as you can easily get the helpful resources to help you while starting your own company.

19. Ecopreneur

If you are Environment friendly individuals and have been thinking to start your own business.

Being an ecoprenur is the right choice for you.

Do you know. Why?

Ecoprenuer are the entrepreneur that create eco-friendly products and services with a mindset to create an impact on the environment to heal the earth and hope to build sustainable companies.

20. Localpreneur

A localprenuer is an individual that starts their own business in their local community.

These types of entrepreneurs mainly focus on the local ethics and culture, also they hire the employees from their own local community and aim to grow the business locally.


So that’s our list for the Types of Entrepreneurs.

From the above-given list, you can decide which type of entrepreneur you want to be?

It’s time for you to choose from the best and work towards the aim to create your own business with the aim to create a passive income.

Have a Successful entrepreneurship Journey.