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Don’t you hate it when people tell you that some things aren’t possible? I know I do

Don’t you hate it when people tell you that some things aren’t possible? I know I do

Wednesday November 28, 2018,

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Don’t embark on a journey with the kids, staying faithful as a married couple is difficult; the list goes on and on. Many believe these things are impossible. Many students even accept that finding the best term paper easy expert or delivering quality paper is difficult because others said so. But don't forget, people with a negative mindset can make you develop fear and see impossibility in simple tasks. I hate it, honestly. I wish I could change their mindset. But the more you try to convince them, the more they try to make you feel they are right and you’re wrong. Now, instead of convincing such people, these are the steps I take. You too can do the same thing to achieve your goals even when others feel you are going to fail.

1. Make people believe you don’t give up easily

Seriously, I hate it with passion when people tell me that certain things are impossible. The worst part is that they may be speaking from their past experiences, making it seem like we possess the same abilities. They need to understand that change is constant. What they tried last week, last month or last year and failed, might have gotten a bit easier. But these set of people don’t change their mindset easily. So, your task is to make them understand you know the job will be difficult.

Make them understand that you know what they are trying to say, but that you are someone who doesn’t like quitting without putting up a fight.

2. Rethink your strategy

Frankly speaking, most of the people who tell some things are difficult may have made attempts. I don’t want to agree they are talking based on what they heard from others. If the individual you are conversing with tells you a particular task is difficult, then try to find out the approach the person took, and if he or she indeed attempted the job in question.

Knowing the strategies people tried in the past can help you re-strategize and have a higher chance of firing accurate shots. So, learn from their past experiences or mistakes to make the proper attempt.

For instance, some might tell you that you can’t travel with a kayak or pay higher fees to move with it by air. But that’s because their strategy didn’t work out for them. You need courage and employ the right approach to achieve your goals.

3. Guide your emotions diligently

You must guide your feelings if you ever want to get things done in this life. Even if hundreds of people are saying, it is impossible, having a positive state of mind can open doors of possibilities you never thought would come.

Toxic people drive me crazy, and I believe you do. These set of people can hurt and place you in emotional bondage. So, try not to let them poison your mind. I never allow toxic people to influence my state of mind.

You don’t need to disregard or ignore the person telling you that specific tasks are impossible. One of the things you can do in this situation is to guide your emotions and give signs with your body language that they are making you feel angry by their negative mindset. They will notice the energy dissipate from your body and take caution. It is better than arguing or trying to make your stand known verbally. In most cases, you can smile and nod your head. There is just no need for you to engage them.

4. Learn your lessons and move on

There is a popular saying that “experience is the best teacher.” But you don’t need to encounter and pass through appalling conditions to learn. You can learn from others to avoid making the same mistakes they did.

As a newly married couple, understand that the challenges people face in their marriages differ. Your experiences are likely going to be different from another couple’s. So, whenever you hear about things that happened in other unions that led to couples splitting up, then the best you can do is learn a lesson or two and apply to make your marriage work.

The same applies to travelers. If someone tells you that a destination is dangerous or not worth visiting, you don’t need to ask too many questions at that moment. Try to deduce the reasons they had such judgment about that specific place, and do your research.

5. Don’t be quick to accept things

Don’t just accept or say yes to whatever people tell you. You have to think carefully before agreeing. Also, know that staying positive is critical, no matter what. So, you don’t have to accept any negative words from people.

6. Do background checkup

Find out more about the background of the individual. If someone tells you that something is impossible, try to know if they have a solid knowledge that should make you even consider what they are saying. But the fact is that someone with a good background would have a positive attitude no matter what. Such people don’t take pleasure in discouraging others.

7. Trust your guts

Even if you are hiking, running, or kayaking for the first time, you have to trust your ability to get it right. Understand there might be challenges for beginners, but prove that you are equal to the task not just in these activities, but every aspect of your life. Be prepared to take the bull by the horn and believe you have what it takes to succeed.

8. Make attempt

Okay, I get it. Their words have finally gotten into you. But my appeal to you is to attempt whatever you think is impossible. Even if you don’t succeed in the task, at least you tried.


There are different kinds of people in the world. Some are good are pushing you to the point where you will have no other option but to give your best. Others see impossibility in everything. They may have tried but failed. And now they believe others cannot succeed in that task. I have had tons of similar experiences with such people. It sucks. Do you hate when people tell you that certain things are impossible? How did you overcome them? Share your views below.


Alice Yoon is a travel blogger from dissertationteam.com. Her main goal is to motivate people to do something new and not be afraid to set challenges. In this very article, she tells how to get rid of doubts.