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Since every brand needs promotion, So here we are...


Wednesday June 08, 2016,

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Public Relation is not a term known by many, it is not just about building the relationship between the brand and its target audience, but building it in a way that will force people even outside the target group to go for the product, it is creating a strong yet comfortable relationship between the brand and the audience.

Every brand needs someone who could help it achieve the position in the market it aspired to be when it first stepped into the market. It needs someone who could understand their brand, the very essence of its existing and help the brand deliver this idea to the audience.

With that though in mind, here we are, 2 young creative thinkers, Saurabh Madan and Arushi Monga, with an idea different than most, hoping to reach out to people who would be willing to give us the responsibility of their brand, because even though we are just 20, we know what it is like to have a start up, an idea that you put efforts into and we would do our very best to help you attain the heights you dreamt off when you had that idea that would change the way the industry works in your little way.

We both are from media background ourselves, Saurabh being from Hinduja College, Mumbai and I, Arushi from Jai hind College, Mumbai. Our roots go back to Delhi; we too came to Mumbai with big dreams and hopes. In this duration, we have worked with advertising agencies, been a part of PR Company, worked as Social Media marketers and also as freelancers in content writing. We have been able to acquire the experience required to have our own PR firm, the ability to cater to the needs of the clients as well as the audience. With our young creative mind, we are able to think out of the box and with the enthusiasm we have, we surely will be able to create the difference we want to.

Till now, we have been able to catch hold of 5 clients that is an achievement for us, knowing we started this company just a month back. We form a plan for our client that would help them to promote their brand at a minimal cost.

We aim to keep growing and hopefully reach where we dream to.

So here we are, Social Butterfly Communications, helping brands to promote themselves.