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Will SEO be dead in the future?

Search Engine Optimization is a concern related to every person related with The Web and having a website, every person wants to show up in the SERP and tries hard for that. This is the process followed by all the people as of now.Now as the technological advent you can see many automatic tools available for SEO purpose, you never know the essence of the SEO will loose its identity.

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

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If we talk about the Search engines, the way Google is changing its algorithm very often and with the competition rising from Bing, semantic search is focused and Search engines are moving towards the most advanced searches and algorithm. This is a sign that anybody might think that will SEO be Dead in future.

SEO experts have a clear opinion that SEO will never end as people will never stop searching and we would never stop optimizing for them. Some of the SEO experts are also suggesting to host the websites on SEO server and i have hosted some of the websites on SEO server. look at this half priced hosting reseller numberless pretty much beneficial but we never know what technology this new search engines will adapt resulting a great loss for the SEO.

Slowly all the main concepts in the SEO are loosing its identity.Now Meta tags are not considered by the google, new algorithm considers the geographic location of the user with the demographic location, domain age is also one factor in the search.We can surely expect more from Google which can include results based on individual idea of search. This is just an assumption as the Google Algorithm is not disclosed.

If such things really happen and SEO is shaken by the technology we will have to find new techniques to reach the Human minds over the Internet.