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Java - The pathway for emerging technologies

Here are the some of the opportunities through the emerging technologies of Java

Thursday May 25, 2017,

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Java is a structured and object-oriented programming language which was initially introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1991. There are many applications and sites that couldn’t work unless you have Java installation. Java is quick, reliable and secure. The main benefit of Java is “reliability”, the developer can code the program and able to run in a different kind of environment. Java utilizes the linguistic structure of C and C++. When a source code is given as the input the result from java compiler is the "bytecode". Byte code up contains set of guidelines which will be executed by Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is impossible to assemble the total program at the same time, so Java utilizes the just-in-time compiler for the execution of Java program and the rest of the codes will simply be translated and along these lines makes the execution of Java program faster. This is the main reason why the beginners choose to take up Java Training in Chennai

Java Oriented Technology


Hadoop technology is built on Java which makes every Hadoop learner know the skills of Java programming language. But knowing the entire techniques of Java would be helpful to learn Hadoop.


Java platform is necessary to develop the Android application. Without Java code, one cannot build an Android app. Java plays a vital role in building an Android app. Though you are a Java professional, there are many things to learn for example grade, XML, Android concepts like material design, fragments etc. to develop an application.


Selenium is the automation testing tool that needs back-end coding to run. So Java is the efficient programming language which runs the selenium tool than other programming languages.

Opportunities connecting to emerging technologies

If you become a Java developer, you will have the maximum number of opportunities to connect emerging technologies like Hadoop, Selenium, and Android. Nowadays, Java developers have more job openings than the others. Thus, learn Java Course in Chennai to well verse in all the leading technologies.