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How Ed-Tech is a Change Maker in Education! Let’s Explore

Educational Technology has changed the scenario of education, not just in India, but worldwide.

How Ed-Tech is a Change Maker in Education! Let’s Explore

Wednesday August 19, 2020,

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Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational. - George Couros

I so agree with the above statement of George Couros, the leading educator who has worked with students from K -12.

Ed- Tech

Ed - Tech & Online Learning

Educational Technology or ed-tech has been successful in providing the access to education to all students. All the novel & unconventional structures of teaching have been possible only because of information & communication technology. Many organizations, who have been successful in developing great learning platforms for students, have taken the big picture thinking along with practical strategies.

Let’s have a look at how the ed- Tech has had positive influence on the learning of students:

1.     Student Engagement

A good ed-Tech system ensures that all its components are directed towards developing a great online learning environment for students. Byjus is one such leaning app. When students are introduced to a distinct e- Learning method in a proper manner, then it becomes very easy for students to use it for their advantage. The manner in which students get to interact with the educator, as well as the available content, has made learning fun for children.

2.     Organized Course Content

The online learning websites & apps provide organized & clear course materials along with assessments in the form of text, videos & pictures. This process reduces the confusion in students to a great deal. One thing which is worth mentioning here is that, the teachers have a very critical role to play on these platforms. The presence of good tutor is a must to makes students feel more connected.

3.     Increase in Collaboration & Creativity

The use of online learning platforms helps accelerate creativity in pupils. This is because students & teachers together plan on a lot of topics for discussion. Teachers leave many open-ended questions for students to ponder over. No mater what the content of the course is, the digital medium helps teachers to come up with the best of processes to deliver classes to their students. These processes include concepts for which students are required to collaborate with each other & with the teacher. Whichever method the teacher adopts, the objective of making students learn is achieved.

4.     Limber Approach while teaching

Students who use e- learning platforms such as Vedantu, have shared their reviews. Both the students & their parents agree that such online learning classes have made the learning process very flexible for their children. Now, students can give their undivided attention to the lesson being delivered & not on taking notes. For notes, students have access to the content provided during a class, all the time on the website/ app. The process of assignment submissions has also become very easy for students as well as teachers.

5.     Ease of access to information

Parents’ inclination towards online classes & learning is growing rapidly. The major reason behind this being, it allows the access of information to each & every student, irrespective of their location. An ideal example here is how during the times of COVID-19, schools & teachers have been able to provide each student with all the required information & material for their education. Hence, mitigating the losses in learning.

6.     Availability of Plenitude of Teachers

On the e- Learning platforms, there is availability of plenty of teachers/ tutors for every subject. Students & teachers can collectively decide on the suitability of a teacher.

Parents can choose a suitable teacher based on their reviews shared by other students & their guardians for a particular lesson.

7.     Unique Strategies to assess Learning of Students

Ed- Tech has made the assessment of the knowledge of students quite effortless. Right from taking descriptive feedback from teachers to peer & self-assessment, many practices are being adopted by teachers. In India, mostly teachers choose diagnostic assessment, which involves some form of Q & A. All these methods eventually lead to improving the learning of children & taking correct measures to achieve it.

We cannot miss out how the ed-Tech has helped all of us during the times of current pandemic. Students, parents & teachers, together have adopted well to the new mode of education. We surely have been able to offer an engaging experience to the students.