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5 things you need to know about digital marketing metrics today

Searching for the best way to track your success/effectiveness of your Digital Marketing Campaign. Watch out for these 3 most important Digital Marketing Metrics today.

5 things you need to know about digital marketing metrics today

Friday June 29, 2018,

3 min Read

Are you running a Digital Marketing Campaign?

If yes, do you know what are the most important metrics you should be watching right now?

In this article, we will discuss top 3 metrics to track the success/effectiveness of your Digital Marketing Campaign.

Infographic on Digital Marketing Metrics

Infographic on Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital Marketing Metrics refer to the standard measures of the digital marketing. These metrics are classified into three categories those are traffic generation, conversion, revenue.

Digital Marketing Metrics can be classified into three types namely:-

i) Traffic Metrics

ii) Conversion Metrics

iii) Revenue Metrics

Website Traffic Metrics

These metrics are measured at the very first stage that is at the traffic generation stage and are very important for search engine optimization and pay per click digital marketing techniques.

Traffic metrics include the following:

Website traffic: This includes that how traffic flows from one site to the other site which gives an idea that how effective is digital marketing is working.

While measuring the site traffic it is not only important that how many numbers of views that a particular site gets but it is also very important to check that how many new visitors view the site.

Traffic sources: If it is known that what particular sets of keywords brought the visitors to your site then you can use more such keywords or phrases to attract new visitors.

Conversion Metrics

It is referred to as converting the prospectus into the business leads. In this, the outright sale is the prime most objective of the digital marketing campaign.

Conversion metrics include the following:

Conversion rate: It is the standard of measuring that how many visitors actually gets converted into the sale and the tangible matrices that define the digital marketing success.

It is standard practice to analyze that whether the site is able to gather the information about the website visitors or to convert site visitors into the sale.

Cost per lead: It is a standard of measuring the lead conversion ratio of a campaign and cost and giving a view to a business owner on how profitable their campaign is?

Revenue Metrics

This is a standard for analyzing the profit from your Digital Marketing Campaign.

This involves the following things:

Return on Investment: Return on investment can be measured by the website traffic that is converted into new paying customers.

The cost to acquire customer: Return on investment is referred to as a new paying customer for a given period of time.

The cost of acquiring new customers is defined as is the total marketing cost for particular time period divided by new paying customers for the same period.