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Zuracart – An Apparel Start-up with a Mission of Making a Difference in the Lives of Poor Children

What Zuracart is and why there was a need to come up with a start-up with a social impact?!

Zuracart – An Apparel Start-up with a Mission of Making a Difference in the Lives of Poor Children

Monday January 02, 2017,

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Zuracart (www.zuracart.com) is an e-commerce start-up that deals with clothing for men and women. But unlike the innumerable fashion brands and e-commerce portals out there, Zuracart was not born to just sell clothes. It was born with a mission to fulfil! To state a fact, it is estimated that 140 million children worldwide are orphans and without proper clothes, and approximately 20 per cent of these children are Indians. This is the mission that Zuracart aims to fulfil – to make sure that no child is without clothes!


In the words of Sujith Kumar, the mastermind behind the concept of Zuracart, “While we could have easily bought and donated clothes, I felt this was not the solution. I was looking for something more scalable, something more permanent. This was when I came up with the idea of Zuracart – a company that donates clothes for every piece of clothing sold! I also wanted the audience to connect with this deep-rooted problem and contribute into solving it. So, every piece of clothing that a customer buys from us, we donate one to a child in need.”


In spite of the fact that Zuracart has this unique and sensitive concept associated to it, we as the founders knew it very well that we need to fulfil the basic requirement to connect with the Indian audiences – showcase funky, off-the-beat and smart designs in vibrant colors and cool fabrics that defines the free spirit of NexGen. And we have made sure that we do not compromise on the quality and the uniqueness of our products. Zuracart, very effortlessly, mirrors the fondness of today’s youth and deals in a unique product line that conforms to the latest trend standards at unbeatable prices. Available in vibrant colors, clean neutrals and prints and patterns, Zuracart does manage to strike a chord with its target audience.

Sujith, further continuing adds that, “While I was confident about Zuracart and its uniqueness, the response that we have received since its inception has been overwhelming! People are not just connecting with our mission of #Buy1Donate1, but also buying from us and participating in our donation campaigns. Our first donation campaign had a couple of our customers and it was amazing to see them actively participate in the campaign, chit-chat and play and enjoy with the kids. That was the moment when I realised that we have a long way to go! We are also constantly working and improving on our products. Currently, we have started with only t-shirts for men and women but we do have plans to expand our range of products very soon and our team is working day and night to make sure that we always have something new and unique to offer our existing and potential customers. Like one of our categories – Frustrated Corporates, is very popular with professionals and our customers are full of appreciation for the concepts that we have come up with for this category.


Zuracart believes in transparency and we make sure to keep our customers informed about our donations. We did our first donation campaign after completing our first 50 orders, where we donated t-shirts to an orphanage based in Hyderabad. And it is noteworthy that our donation campaigns are not any other donations where people come and donate and go. We believe in giving the children the choice to choose. “If our customers are choosing the best pieces and then buying, then these children should also get that liberty”, is what the Zuracart team believes in. So, the children get a chance to pick their favourite colors and designs and patterns. Other than that, Zuracart collaborated with Youth For Seva for Chiguru 2016 – a flagship event that gives the poor children a platform to showcase their talent – as their Gifting Partner. We also donated clothes to the street children on the eve of Christmas. Donation campaigns are a regular affair with Zuracart, and we are striving hard to reach maximum people and as a consequence, maximum children and thus, spread happiness.

To know more about Zurcart, our products and our donations, visit our official website http://www.zuracart.com/


Or you can also get connected with us via the following social media portals.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zuracart

Twitter - https://twitter.com/zuracart

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zuracart/

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