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How to create the perfect Budapest stag do with little effort


Friday September 08, 2017,

3 min Read

It comes a time, during the lifetime of a man, when he’s about to marry the one he loves. With that, it also comes a time when one of the future groom’s best friends is declared the best man.

And thus, the friendship is tested through fire and…fun. Because, let’s face it, the best man is in charge with the fun. He’s going to be the fun-starter and the main entertainer during the wedding ceremony, during the reception, during well…everything.

One thing’s for certain: the best man is in charge with the stag do planning.

And that’s why, dear best man, I’m going to make it easy for you: plan a Budapest stag do.

And I’m going to tell you why!

Why Budapest for a stag do?

First of all, it’s not only about Budapest, it’s about spending a stag weekend abroad. Yes, you heard right, you should plan a whole weekend, outside of your local borders, because that’s how the perfect memories are created.

You wouldn’t like to create a simple party like any other, with lots of booze and maybe a game of poker. No, man, you should get creative and plan an escapade alongside the stag and all the best friends of yours.

But still: why a stag do in Budapest?

Simple enough: it’s an amazing experience in a vibrant and rich city, everything on a shoestring budget. Yes, believe it or not, you will have the laughs of a century without spending a small fortune on a stag weekend abroad.

Let’s say you choose Budapest for a stag weekend. What’s the next step?

Choosing and planning are rarely the same thing. One requires a moment of attention, the other specific skills than only a handful of people have. But fear not, best man, for there are special companies for special planning like you require.

With such a company, which you will book in advance, you will not be forced to spend all days ahead of the big weekend with the stag and the lads, organizing all the details. You will have precious help and somehow, you’ll get out of it much cheaper that you would think now.

So, here’s what you got to do:

● Choose a company that will deal with the whole Budapest stag do

● Call everybody you’re going to invite and establish a budget

● Choose the right package for you, in order to arrange the flights, the accommodation and the means of transport to the place you’re going to stay in Budapest

● Choose the activities you will like to experience once you’re in Budapest

● Fix everything according to the budget you and your friends have established

● Surprise the stag with this amazing bachelor experience

Sounds good?

Great, then onward to the first step!

Let the greatest adventure of your lives begin!