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Picturesque Prague - Day 1

Picturesque Prague - Day 1

Tuesday July 11, 2017,

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Prague – This beautiful Bohemian capital city of Czech Republic is spun together with centuries old buildings, labyrinth of narrow lanes and soul captivating art.

This walking city of Eastern Europe is separated by the Vltava River. On the right bank is the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. The left bank is home to the Prague Castle, St. Vitrus Cathedral and Nicholas Church. Bridging both the banks is the famous Charles Bridge.

Synagogue/Jewish Cemetery

This is the oldest and the largest Jewish Cemetery in Europe, with the earliest tombstone dating to 1439. Research has revealed that there are 12 layers of buried people. A visit to this cemetery is an inexplicable experience.


A short walk away from the Synagogue is Rudolfinum. This is a majestic building designed in the neo-renaissance style and is situated on Jan Palach Square on the bank of the Vltava. It is associated with music and art.

Charles Bridge

Prague’s oldest and the most stunning bridge was commissioned by King Charles IV in 1357. This stone bridge is lined on either side with beautiful baroque statues.


Old Town Square


Prague’s Old Town. Square is bound to take you back to the medieval era. The world famous Astronomical Clock, artistically designed Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, historically important Powder Tower and many beautifully designed multi coloured buildings line this historically magnificent square.

Astronomical Clock

The astronomical tower is the oldest operational clock in the world. The unique and attractive feature of this clock is the Walk of the Apostles during which animated statues peek through the clock’s window. This happens on an hourly basis.

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

The church is a masterpiece of gothic architecture. Its two imposing towers topped with huge spires makes it the most attractive building in the Old town square.

Powder Tower and Municipal House

The Powder tower is one of the original city gates of Prague. This gate was used to store gunpowder in the 17th century. This gate also serves as the entrance to the Charles Bridge.

A stone’s throw away from the Powder gate is the beautiful building of Municipal House.


A holiday in Prague is incomplete without savouring Trdelnik – a traditional rolled pastry usually served warm. It is coated with a dusting of sugar or cinnamon and is filled with whipped cream/ice cream and a mix of fruits. It is fascinating to watch how this delectable treat is prepared by wrapping the pastry dough around a metal stick and roasted over an open flame. It is the perfect way to end your day in this beautiful city. 

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