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5 Proven Steps To Follow When Planning To Grab Your First Freelancing Project

Freelancing does sound interesting. But are you aware of what kind of preparation you need to have in order to grab your first freelancing project?

5 Proven Steps To Follow When Planning To Grab Your First Freelancing Project

Saturday March 28, 2020,

3 min Read

Freelancing sounds exciting, isn't? In freelancing you can be your own boss, you can work wherever you want, be it a library, cafe or be at your home. In freelancing, you are your own master. Undoubtedly, freelancing gives you a lot of time to enjoy your life independently where you can be your own boss. 

But as a beginner beginning in the freelancing industry. You have to manage your every task from own which can be tedious and overwhelming sometimes. The truth about the outsourcing industry like, here also you need to work hard and be committed to your work. This industry is no different, you are yourself being a couch potato and expecting freelancing to make money for you. Let's face this is something that will never work. 

Of course, there are people who are very powerful and are earning 6-figure income through freelancing only. As a beginner, you cannot think of competing with industry biggies. 

Thus, in this guide, I am going to give you all some proven tips that I would surely recommend you to follow when you are trying hard to grab your first freelance project. So, that's get started: 


This is the truth and you all will agree with me when I say that there is a reason behind everything. And this purpose is only our driving force when things began to go bad.

For instance, for must know the reasons why you first began with freelance. You wanted to become independent, working with new people excites you or you though working as a freelance can take you places. What was your reason when you began as a freelancer. Always keep your reasons in your mind. As your ''Why'' will be your only motivation when tough time begins.


Wherever we are, there are a number of things that can distract ourselves. Now, I am not talking about only freelancers. But distraction is always harmful no matter what. So, as a freelancer, it is very important to keep yourself focused in order to get the work done. 


What... timetable, am I a kid? No, you are not a kid. But this is a mistake almost everywhere beginner makes. In the rush of excitement, they take up every possible freelance projects. And in turn, they overbook themselves. Finding little to no time for themselves. And this sometimes takes a toll on their health as well nor they can complete their projects at the given time. 

So, here smart work is the key and not hard work. You must know your schedule and only take the work that you can do comfortably. 


There are surely more people like you competing in the race of freelancers. So, how you are going to prove yourself better than those? In your portfolio mention the best version of yourself, polish your skills. And let them know how you are better than the rest. What are your core strengths, and what makes you best then the rat race? 


Yes, there are a number of tests online for you to take. Those tests will be a mirror for you to see where you stand within your niche and you can improve your skills accordingly.