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How Flutter Makes It Easier For Startups To Develop and Launch Apps

Flutter is the best of Google to the developer community so far. It’s an open-source software development kit that allows you to develop apps for diverse platforms.

How Flutter Makes It Easier For Startups To Develop and Launch Apps

Saturday March 21, 2020,

7 min Read

Flutter mobile app development

Running a startup and running an established business are two different things. Philosophically and logically, they are two different entities. While a business owner aspires to increase the business’ profits, a startup owner strives to make one. Also, the business has thrived a significant amount of time to understand its requirements better. But a startup is still figuring out its position in the market.

Well, if we sit down to list the differences between the two, we could do this for the next few hours. But the point is your startup requirements are very different from the requirements of established businesses. Now, this holds true in product development aspects too. For your startup idea to turn into a revenue-earning platform, you should have your product in place. That product has to have the quickest time to market with zero compromises on its stability. This further translates to the fact that you’re working on a tight deadline with limited resources.

All these points to just one thing - an efficient cross-platform development tool that can handle scenarios like these and many more seamlessly. That’s where Flutter fits perfectly in the picture. Flutter is one of the most startup-friendly development tools out there. If you weren’t unsure of this, we will dissect the benefits and features of Flutter today.

In this post, you will understand why Flutter is perfect for your startup and why you should choose it for your development projects.

Let’s dive in. But before that, let’s quickly understand what Flutter is and another crucial aspect of app development.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is the best of Google to the developer community so far. It’s an open-source software development kit that allows you to develop apps for diverse platforms. You could develop mobile apps for Android and iOS, for computers like Mac, Windows, Linux, and more, and even hybrid apps for the web.

Launched in 2018, Flutter was written in Dart language, leveraging the advanced functions and capabilities of the language.

Websites that Use Flutter

To give a better idea of how popular Flutter is, understand that some of the market players across industries use this tool to develop their websites and apps.

●      The New York Times

●      Google Assistant

●      Square

●      Tencent

●      Realtor.com

●      eBay

●      BMW

●      Groupon and more

How Different Is It From Native App Development

While understanding Flutter, we should also understand the two different types of app development methods. There is a native app development and then there is cross-platform app development. Native app development is the dedicated app development process for one specific platform or operating system. For instance, Android.

While on the other hand, cross-platform app development is a hybrid process, where you develop an app in such a way that it is compatible with any platform and can be deployed almost instantly. Now, cross-platform app development offers the following advantages to developers:

Reduced Development Time

As a developer, you only have to work on building your app once. You don’t have to build two or more apps for each platform. This significantly reduces the time taken to develop your app.

Reduced Testing Time

This ties back to the previous point. Because you’re developing just one version of the app, quality assurance specialists have to only test it once.

Reduced Development Cost

Because we are eliminating the need to develop several versions of an app and test it multiple times, we are also reducing the cost of development involved.

Swift Time-To-Market

Now that you have the final version of the app ready, you simply have to launch it in the market and not wait for the simultaneous development of other versions.

5 Reasons Why Startups Should Prefer Flutter

If you have an attention to detail, you would have already comprehended the advantages Flutter app development offers to your startup. But these are not the only factors that make Flutter a crowd-favourite. There are the following advantages too.

Native Experience To Cross-Platform Apps

Ask any developer you know, one of their secret wishes would be to recreate in cross-platform apps the bespoke experience that native apps offer. No matter how hard you try or how advanced tools and frameworks you use to develop a native-like experience on your cross-platform app, you simply cannot.

But that’s exactly where Flutter made a difference and quite surprisingly. With its native user interface elements, Flutter brought into the market what the entire developer community was craving for. It allowed developers to code just once and yet deliver a native experience to users.

Optimized Developer Productivity

Flutter mobile app development paves the way for optimized productivity among developers. How Flutter manages to achieve this is with its hot reload feature. In simple words, the hot reload feature allows you to make any changes to your code and immediately see the changes in real-time. Instead of recompiling the code to see if the new changes are reflected, the hot reload feature offers instantaneous visibility. This further reduces the time taken to develop an app drastically.

A Powerful UI

Flutter offers one of the best user interfaces for developers. Thanks to the Material Design feature, Flutter application development allows you to develop apps that are not just smooth but those that require minimal or zero learning curve to get used to an app. It offers one of the widest selections of customized widgets for both iOS and Android allowing you to develop an app that is very native-like.

The Firebase Factor

Powered by Google, Firebase offers a distinct set of advantages to startup owners. With Firebase, developers get unparalleled support to cloud storage and its allied services such as:

●      Hosting

●      Cloud functions

●      Real-time databases

●      Authentication and more

With Firebase, the development infrastructure becomes scalable and serverless, meaning you no longer have to channelize your time and efforts into backend development.

Flutter To Power Fuchsia

So far, we only know two things about Fuchsia – one that it’s the next big operating system from Google and two, the fact that it relies immensely on Flutter for its development. This new operating system is anticipated to be a bridge among Chrome, Android, and the entire Internet of Things ecosystem. If words from tech enthusiasts are to be believed, Fuchsia will also lay the foundations for augmented and virtual reality.

Final Thoughts

By now, we’re sure you understand the potential of Flutter and the difference it can bring into your workflow. As an entrepreneur, you intend to deliver the best experience to your customers. At the same time, you cannot afford to spend too much time developing your app and perfecting it only to realize the demands from customers have changed.

In such a scenario, it’s ideal that your startup prefers Flutter for its app development requirements. Though these advantages are just a few pointers we’ve identified that suit the business perspectives, there are tons of pros Flutter offers to developers.

But if all of this sounds too technical and difficult, you can always prefer a Flutter app development company like us. We hire Flutter app developers who are the best in the industry. That’s why we make the most of the tool to deliver a native-like app across multiple platforms. So, if you’re looking for a stable and scalable app you could quickly take to the market, get in touch with us today to explore how. We are the go-to Flutter development company for some of the most successful businesses out there.