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Digital Expert Harish Pednekar Shares 5 Important Tips Every Brand or an Influencer Must Follow for Strong Online Presence

Digital Expert Harish Pednekar Shares 5 Important Tips Every Brand or an Influencer Must Follow for Strong Online Presence

Saturday April 04, 2020,

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Harish Pednekar

The digital landscape is evolving with time and social media has seen tremendous changes in the last few years. If you see many brands have started marketing themselves on social media. Not just brands, even the influencers are promoting themselves to a greater extent over the web. Social media marketing is by far a very important aspect to build awareness about any brand or an influencer.

The major challenge which comes in the way is how to build a reputation over the web. Merely building a social media presence does not make any sense. Building a strong presence on Google adds more weightage for any brand or an influencer. To build a strong online presence, one needs a marketer or a digital expert who can boost popularity over the internet.

Today, we tell you about one such expert who is changing the scenario in the digital world.

Harish Pednekar who started his career as a journalist and media personnel has evolved himself as one of the most influential entrepreneurs. He holds great expertise in online branding, YouTube, building google presence, Public Relations and anything and everything related to the digital medium. The entrepreneur who has helped several startups to grow has some few tips for brands and influencers through which they can grow digitally.

  • Never compromise with your content:

The kind of content you create is the first thing the end-user notices about you or your brand. If you are handling a brand or are an influencer, always remember that content is the king. Make sure to create relevant content for the audience which will automatically encourage good engagement and generate new leads. Creating quality content over quantity will not just build your traffic but will also add value to your product or service.

  • Understand your target audience:

Knowing who your target audience is the most significant thing a brand or a content creator must do. Set your target audience and identify what kind of content they usually love to consume. It’s very simple. For instance, if the teenagers are your target audience and you are creating content for children, it won’t attract your set target audience which due to which they might lose interest in the content you create.

  • Build your own website:

Many brands today have their own website. A website speaks a lot about your work and it plays a key role in generating traffic as well as reaching more consumers. If you are an entrepreneur or an influencer, you must make sure to build a website where you can showcase your best of works. To sell your brand or to sell yourself in the market, develop a website which will give people a better understanding of the brand.

  • Explore different social media platforms:

As an influencer or a brand to grow digitally, you must make use of all the social media platforms. Also, always explore different social media platforms. Creating Facebook and Instagram pages are very common. While there is Twitter which is meant for the niche audience, there are many other apps which are ruling the social media roster. There’s TikTok, Helo, Like and other apps to reach out to the audience in tier II and tier III cities. Making YouTube channel can also do wonders if you create content strategically for the audience.

  • Stay away from Instagram bots:

You may have exceptional content on Instagram but you may spoil it if you try to get likes and increase followers by Instagram bots. There’s no denying that many people and brands have used Instagram bots to boost their popularity on Instagram but it may negatively affect your engagement in the long run. Using bots to increase followers and get more likes can also permanently damage your Instagram profile as it violates Instagram’s terms of use. Instead of using Instagram bots, you have an organic growth by using relevant hashtags, engaging and interacting with followers and posting the content consistently.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who wants to become a social media personality, make sure to keep the above-mentioned things in mind. To build a strong presence over the internet, the best thing is to offer quality content to your target audience on various social media platforms.