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How Flutter became Favourite Framework for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Flutter is the new Favourite for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

How Flutter became Favourite Framework for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Friday December 28, 2018,

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Flutter - Most Promising Emerging Framework for Cross Platform Mobile App Development
Flutter - Most Promising Emerging Framework for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

A lot of hype about Flutter, an open-source mobile application framework introduced by Google for developing iOS and Android apps can be seen among enterprise and mobile app developers alike. It makes the cross platform app development process not only easy but also the cost of mobile app development with Flutter is significantly less.

It is viewed as the future of faster mobile app development which can develop app with single codebase capable of running on Android, iOS and Fuschia. In very less span of time it has seen wide scale acceptance.

It is ideal for progressive web apps, apps requiring less common native libraries and for apps that use bluetooth to communicate with hardware. The Hot reload feature enable developers to instantly view any changes made to application thereby making the development process smooth and quick for developers.

In  Xamarin separate UI is supposed to be build for iOS and Android and even if you are using xamarin.forms it is still a lengthy and time consuming process but, in Flutter developers can write interface simply once and run it anywhere as well as support material design(Android) and cupertino (iOS) implementation for giving app a very native look and feel.  This is another point why use of Flutter will lead to faster app development.

Let us discuss few more important point that will convince you about Flutter is the best framework to develop cross platform mobile apps.

Design to Delight Users

Flutter architecture supports creation of custom widgets as well customise the available widgets. This will allow developers to design UI that will support every possible requirement to make app attractive for great user experience.

Testing not a Tiring

Having one app for both platform means less time in testing the app. This eventually speeds up the quality assurance as single codebase allows developers to design automatic test only one time. In this manner the burden of quality analyst team is lessen as they have only app to test.

Suitable for MVP

Often the client is excited about the first look of the app then you can display your efforts towards finding the key features based on market research by quickly developing the MVP using Flutter.

Dart Programming Language

Dart being similar to Java is suitable for easing the cross platform app development for maximum number of mobile app developers community. The process of dart compiling makes it even more easy for in-depth customization. Dart helps in increasing the speed of transition and animation upto 60 FPS.

Library Support

Support of multiple useful libraries in Flutter by Google empowers developers with useful functionalities that can be implemented in no time. This makes app development process easier in comparison to other platform.

Perfect for Performance

The fierce competition in mobile app development landscape has forced developers to focus seriously on performance and highly enhanced  user experience. Developers when equipped with Flutter need not have to use JavaScript layer for linking and running the code which significantly improves the level of app performance along with user experience.

I hope you are now convinced that Flutter will play key role in development of cross platform mobile apps in least development time. Mobile apps developed on Flutter will be compatible with fuchsia device also in future. It is therefore, Flutter has lot to offer to dominate other cross platform mobile app development and adapting to it is the one of the most beneficial move for development of cross platform mobile apps.