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How the Combination of IoT and Blockchain is Fruitful?

Use of IoT and Blockchain

How the Combination of IoT and Blockchain is Fruitful?

Monday November 26, 2018,

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A Blockchain is nothing but a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) that carries and sends the digital information very securely without getting copied or modified in any way. This technology was originally utilized by the fastest growing digital currency, Bitcoin. It has become a revolutionary technology as it has no physical form and the processes have network-based constraints. All the apps and sites about financial transactions have become fully secure due to this technology. Due to the huge potential of the blockchain, tech-experts are finding ways to incorporate it with other techniques and in different sectors like IoT.

The IoT helps the devices to drive data to the ledgers of blockchain for adding in the shared transactions with modification-proof records. With the help of IoT, the network users can verify their transactions. Every participant is responsible for their own transactions and hence no disputes can arise due to any interference. Virtual trading and tracking any valuable thing without a specific control point can help in creating a cost-efficient business network and this is possible due to the distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain and IoT work perfectly together and they have blended well over the time. IoT works on a unified model i.e., a client model in terms of business. This blend provides a gateway to communicate with physical objects interconnected via the internet. These devices can be run from any location. These devices run on cloud servers with unlimited capacity of storage and IoT can help in authenticating and identifying those devices. The complete digital infrastructure is reestablished by the combination of IoT and Blockchain. Financial transactions happen easily in this space. Using IoT and blockchain together, the connectivity and security of the devices has improved in a better and speedy way.  Moreover, blockchain is famous and used in almost all businesses for meeting the requirements and establishing a better infrastructure. Even Walmart uses this blockchain technology for boosting efficiency and accuracy in the workflow. How Blockchain and IoT Function Together?

Now, you know that a decentralized system of blockchain can store limitless records of every financial transaction. So, having a decentralized system means the supreme person has access to the total financial details. Every machine has different information saved in blocks on a permitted network. Every block contains a node which saves information chronologically. There is nothing to worry about a breach in an environment due to high-security connection got from the combination of IoT and blockchain. Check out the following benefits of IoT and Blockchain, when used together –

·  No Modification of Records The data, once put in the blockchain, cannot be deleted. Even modifying the data is not possible because the pre-transactions are in connection with each other. Furthermore, due to the algorithms’ design, no one can modify the database. · Peer-to-Peer Communication The communication can take place peer-to-peer via nodes only. When one node gets full then the information is passed into the next node automatically. ·  Uses Algorithms Blockchain works only on algorithms. The logic for computing the transaction between different nodes helps in creating the rules and making decisions on the go. · Maintains Transparency Every transaction has a detailed further transaction related to it. The person who has access to it can see the whole details for each of it. For authentication of individual identity, blockchain technology provides a public and private alphanumeric key for encryption. More about the IoT and Blockchain Combination IoT with blockchain can as well assist in following agreements because companies can track the history of process or equipment in an ineradicable record. Also, this record can be shared with related insurers or agencies.

The architecture of IoT has a design which can bear several security threats. It can further be helpful in dropping the vulnerability level of blockchain network which can occur due to modification attacks, the 51% attack, and DDoS attack. Hence, IoT aids in giving a framework which is secure, lightweight, and private along with several advantages that blockchain technology offers. It brings out effective and enhanced security which can keep online threats at bay and protect us during each transaction.