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How to Keep Track of Your Passwords and Secure Them

How to Keep Track of Your Passwords and Secure Them

Wednesday August 28, 2019,

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If you manage lots of accounts, then managing passwords of all these accounts could be real trouble. To deal with this issue, here we have discussed a few quick hacks. Let’s discuss more here.

Don’t write them down on sticky notes

One of the easiest ways to keep your passwords secure is to avoid writing them down on sticky notes or at random places. It will reduce the chance of missing these important documents that contain your valuable passwords. As the security of these documents could be easily compromised, thus you should always avoid using sticky notes to write passwords.

Use strong passwords

You should always use at least 8 characters password for better security. It should include letters, numbers, and special characters to make a complex password to keep it safe. Strong passwords will not only help you avoid cyber threats, but it will also avoid the threat from curious onlookers.

Strong Password

Don’t share passwords with others

Next thing you should do is to avoid sharing passwords with others. In case someone needs access to your account, better login credentials by your own instead of sharing it with others. It will help you avoid unnecessary trouble effortlessly.

Don’t use passwords on an open network

Open network for example free Wi-Fi at the next-door coffee shop could be a lucrative deal, but it brings lot of security concerns. Here, cybercriminals could easily breach your system security with a small piece of malicious software. Thus, it is best practice to use your account credentials on open networks.

Instead of open network, you should always prefer working on encrypted and password protected network for complete security. You should set strong password for network login and ask your network provider to keep it encrypted so that no one can breach your network security.

Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts

If you are one of those users, who tend to use the same password for multiple accounts, then you are in danger of losing important data. Here, if security of one account or password is compromised, then it will also affect other accounts negatively. Thus, you should always use different passwords for different accounts.

Don’t auto-login accounts

Most of the accounts allow you to auto-login next time you visit the site or app. Here, you should avoid this feature for better security. Here, in case your device is stolen or lost, then the chances of misusing your account would be less and avoided in most cases. You should never set system or browser to remember the password and manually enter the password each time.

Create guest account

If you share your device with others, then the best practice is to create guest account for these additional users on your device. You can create guest accounts with limited permissions to avoid unnecessary trouble. Here, you can create separate passwords for different guest accounts.

Reset passwords

You should also prefer to reset passwords at regular intervals. It will avoid unnecessary troubles effortlessly. Here, you should also keep tab on the security of your password and ensure to reset password if password security is compromised.

Use two-factor authentication

Using two-factor authentication is another important step you should apply to keep your accounts secure. Here, you will get additional code to login in to your account. Today, most accounts offer this feature which you can use for better security.

Use best password manager tools

Now that you have tried everything else and find it hard to keep your passwords safe, the last and most effective step is to use password manager tools. These smart security tools help you keep all your passwords safe in secure vault that remain encrypted and password protected.

One such tool is TweakPass that comes loaded with tons of useful security features. With TweakPass you will never forget password again. It offers you universal access to your information that can be accessed anytime anywhere around the globe. In other features, it helps you generate strong passwords, saves important information under secure notes, offers advanced data security, and more.

So, these were some simplest yet most effective tips you can follow to keep track of your passwords and keep them safe. If you know more such password security tips, then feel free to share in the comments below.