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India's First - Cashless Cardless Wallet-less Merchant Solution - Aircash

Aircash, a brand owned and operated by Everyscope Communications Private Limited, provides the opportunity of making a business establishment into a bank branch, enabling the establishment to act as a banker in their neighbourhood.

India's First - Cashless Cardless Wallet-less Merchant Solution - Aircash

Monday January 28, 2019,

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EveryScope Communications Private Limited is one of the best and DIPP Certified Fintech company under the Startup India Initiative program of Government of India. "everyscope", the name of the company itself defines "the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something or to which it is relevant". "Aircash App" is one of the best Fintech Innovation or in other words "Redefined Transaction Engine" by the team of professionals with experience in Digital Banking & Payments industry.  

EveryScope is presently operating on a B2B business model, where we partner with neighbourhood retail stores who can offer Assisted Digital Financial Services like Aadhaar ATM, SMS Payment, Khata Service, Utility Payment, Prepaid Cards, Mutual Funds & Insurance, Money Transfer, Hyperlocal Commerce Services and payment services like Bharat QR and UPI using the Aircash App. Our innovative solutions are modeled to make the financial transactions simple, secure & faster and strives to empower our Retail Partners.

Redefined Transaction Engine

Aircash’s Business Correspondent (PoP – Point of Presence) Services

Aircash, a brand owned and operated by Everyscope Communications Private Limited, gives you the opportunity of making your business establishment into a bank branch, enabling you to act as a banker in your neighbourhood. By being a part of Aircash Fintech’s network you will be able to provide your customers all the services of a bank branch and also offer additional services such as Tour &Travels, Bill Payments, PAN Processing, Govt Yojana’s, etc amongst others. Our innovative merchant solution allows you to collect payment from your customers with no card, no cash, no wallet even though empty pocket. 

Aircash Fintech's platform allows access through mobile and desktop devices resulting in low or no investment. We provide attractive commission on every transaction helping you in having an additional source of income and an increase in footfalls at your establishment. Aircash allows you the opportunity to have higher income without heavy investments along with earning the respect of being the neighbourhood banker. Our Cash Management service helps any Retail Merchant to reduce the risk of Cash Handling, saves time for cash deposit in their respective bank, moreover a Merchant can use their daily transacted cash and earn attractive CASHBACK, just work as "Aircash - PoP".

Lets!!!! Turn your mobile into a Mini Bank - https://www.aircash.in