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Fight for yourself

If you can't help yourself, nobody is going to help you!

Fight for yourself

Saturday May 09, 2020,

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There is a famous quote by Bob Riley- "Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed"

I never knew I have that courage to fight for myself, I never knew I have the strength to help myself. But this happened, everything was going fine after graduating from Delhi University and I was preparing like every typical Indian prepare for CAT, I gave two attempts, dropped 2 years and got nothing. I had nothing after I failed CAT. Only taunts and criticism to hear from people around me because according to Indian society I am not capable of doing anything after I failed, despite encouraging kids to find the true purpose we always discourage and ask them to follow others, We throw them in the "Crowd" but do we ask them what is unique about them, we hardly care!

During my dropout year while figuring out what next I can do, I unheard the background noise and listened to my inner voice, I started again working on my favourite childhood hobby, I wouldn't say a hobby but my habit, habit of presenting things. I like to explore various ways to express myself through my presentation. I believe presentation is in every aspect of life from garnishing "Halwa" in mom's kitchen, wrapping a gift for your best friend to renovating house corners. For me, presentation is not only about speech or talk but an offering full of efforts, full of extra efforts to leave a lasting impression on the minds and imagination of others. I'll be living dead if I stop presentation in my life ever. The presentation is a beautiful part of me.

As they say, endings always lead us to new beautiful beginnings, I am on a different path which I never thought I fulfil to be able to do, I was having the mixed feeling of being scared and proud together, scared because no one was with me and proud because I still decided to go for it. I finally started my own venture Kalakar Gift Studio to fulfil my purpose of adding beauty which impacts people's lives positively.

But what about gender stereotypes in India? Who always comes up with statements like "find a great husband who will take care of your needs, get married and have children, babies and business don't mix". One of the bumble's advertising campaigns worked as fuel for my burning desire "be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry". This what gave me strength, I spent one year in Alwar for basic positioning of my business and then packed my bag for Bangalore and now I am part of Impact Entrepreneurship Team at Srishti Institute of Arts and Design.

If you are a woman and by chance, you choose something non-traditional career path, then things are a little difficult but trust yourself, never be afraid of having dreams, just make sure you have the dedication to work hard towards achieving those dreams.

It's okay if nobody understands you, you need to understand yourself FIRST, nobody is going to help you if you can't help YOURSELF!

After all this, I think all this makes me "ME"