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Top 5 Major Trends in Full Stack Development in 2020

Top 5 Major Trends in Full Stack Development in 2020

Monday April 13, 2020,

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Mobile applications are constantly of great demand around the globe as a result of greater web access penetration, faster internet speeds and the development of mobile devices. They can be installed on mobile devices or hosted on the web. It has never been a more exciting time for developers and technologists to build modern web applications that have a modern backend infrastructure interactively serving more front end clients over the web. This is the hard labor of full-stack developers that we can see such results. The main objective of the full stack developer here is to keep every part of the system smooth from resizing the image to patching the kernel.

Introduction to full stack development

Full-stack development is one of the fields in this world of digitization where web development is not anymore confined in the realm of pure HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript on the front-end, and PHP/Perl on the back-end. There is a plethora of new languages, web frameworks, and tools to choose for any web application development. The software engineer works in the combination of front-end and back-end development i.e. development of computer programs, databases, creating GUI for clients and interacting with the application.


Here are some major Trends in full-stack development. 


·     Blockchain Technology: It has predictably increased from 2016 to 2020. Say Blockchain as decentralized, distributed, secure, faster, transparent or immutable. It is all in one technology that has real potential and has entered into domains like Healthcare, financial, ERP and more.



Block chain technology

·     Low code development:  With the standard coding genres, low code development helps the clients to understand the projects efficiently. This solution may not work for companies that require complex and structured solutions.


·     Artificial intelligence: more and more companies are changing towards AI as a necessity. It helps to spontaneously perform tasks and increase business in the software market.

Artificial intelligence


·     Language trends: The popularity of JavaScript is due to its great adaptability to hybrid applications. Many full-stack developers use JavaScript to program the software. In the stack overflow survey of generally used libraries, frameworks, and programming languages, Node.js obtained 49.9% and Angular obtained 39.6%. Some other libraries, frames, and popular languages are React, .NET core, spring, etc.


·     Iot: According to PWC estimates, more than 95% of cars will be IoT enabled by 2020. This degree of connectivity and control is expected to provide greater performance in the fields of transportation, logistics and supply chains. The calculations of the former Cisco researcher, David Evans, give an idea of the scope of the IoT over time. More than 127 new devices are connected to the Internet every second!

These are some of the full-stack development trends that have benefited businesses in so many ways. The role of a Full-stack developer is variant for the aspirants who are planning to enter the tech industry. One has to be well versed with several technologies and can use any technology in demand. There is no doubt Full-stack developers will win the race in the long run.

Machine learning

The recent web applications have brought new vigor to the role of full stake developers. They provide interaction and partnership to diversified search users. The value of many web applications grows as the role of the user grows. The web is an attractive platform for full-stack developers where you can quickly release an application to millions of users and receive instant feedback. The demand for full-stack developers will continue to increase in the coming years for comprehensive software development with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and javascript language