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Know-How Messenger Bots Can Increase Business Productivity?

Know-How Messenger Bots Can Increase Business Productivity?

Monday September 16, 2019,

8 min Read

Chatbot marketing is growing significantly. Bot utilization among marketers has increased from the previous few years. This is not because of chatbot usage prediction, but because of its profits.

Independent of the business you’re managing, chatbot benefits all areas of businesses. It can be health, eCommerce, travel, food, clothing, support, or any other sector of business. In this post, you’ll get to know the reasons that illustrate why businesses need to invest in Messenger bots.

1) Improves Your Business Visibility

We all want to grow and connect with our target group. But before building connections, it’s crucial that our audience must know about the goals, products, and services we deal with. In concise “WHO WE ARE?”

Customer engagement is only possible if they have a clear picture of your brand. Messenger bots attract more leads to business by making things clear to the audience.


When users click on the “GET STARTED” button, you can inform them about your business. Here you can use blogs, landing pages, and more to build trust towards your business. In this way, you’ll never lose your potential leads. And after a certain period, you would be in a position to convert them into potential buyers.

This is how the bot works in the first phase of the conversion funnel (ATTRACT). In this way, the bot is increasing users’ trust by sending content on a recurrent basis. The kind of awareness and trust you’re obtaining from chatbots aren’t possible through traditional email marketing.

2) Chatbots Increases Customer Base

Exceptional customer support is a must for the creation of a strong customer base. That can’t be accomplished if you aren’t present 24/7. Shoppers are globally present and every other second someone is completing his/her checkout process.

This represents if you want to grow, you have to provide 24/7 customer service. The pessimistic case with human support is that you’re restricted to hours. You can’t allow your customers to raise a query any time of the day creating a gap between you and your customers.

Using Messenger bots, you can attract, engage, and convert potential leads 24/7 without depending on support. Facebook Messenger Widget on your site and the bot integrated with your Facebook page can provide 24/7 chat functionality to your clients.

According to sources, 80% of online shoppers can’t complete their shopping without live chat support. This requires more human support that isn’t practical in real-time. Here comes bot benefit, your users only need to click on the “GET STARTED” button to get the solution of the queries they’re looking for. With a single click, your clients can acquire answers in the least time.

Bot not only reduces the response time but also maintains the engagement level of current customers and nurtures accordingly to increase purchasing frequency. Share content at a regular interval of time and easily maintain your customer engagement level. But for this, you need to read the policies shared by Facebook, if you don’t want to get blocked by them.

3) Increases Sales & Conversions

The first role of chatbots is to create a conversational workflow. But it’s not the last! Bots can also be leveraged to inform the target audience about the products and services you sell. On the “GET STARTED” button, you can ask your clients “do you want product-service related information.” If they say, yes, you can display the products and services you create for your users.

For providing product-service related information, you can use blogs, product pages, knowledge base, and any other informative content that can help in converting your leads.

After this learning phase about products and services, you can also create conversions through chatbots. For this, during a chat with the customer, you need to allow add to cart option. And facilitate your users to directly purchase from the chat window. In this way, you can use bots both for sharing information as well as conversions for your business.

Bot also learns customer shopping behavior & thus, provides responses accordingly and nurtures customers towards more purchase. Hence using Facebook Messenger bots, you would be gaining more revenue.

4) Reduces Manual Work

Buyers always have multiple queries for the product they’re planning to purchase. Especially if they’re purchasing for the first time the list of questions automatically increases. Even the regular buyers have their own list of questions. But the point of attention is maximum times this list contains repetitive queries.

As a result, your support members invest their maximum time in solving the same issue again and again.

Same Repetitive Task Again & Again!

Just suppose, if these repetitive tasks get automated how much time you would be able to save of support. Sounds good naa…. Bot implementation just converts this imagination into reality.

Train your bot with the questions your customers ask more frequently about your products and services. Along with the questions, set the most appropriate answer to reducing the ticket numbers your support receives on the helpdesk.

Investment of few hours brings automation and reduces human involvement at great extinct. In any situation, if bot fails to respond to customer queries then there are functionalities like a human takeover. The support can take over the live chat whenever they feel bot isn’t responding according to the customer problems. Along with this, you can also set the default responses for your bot. Like- A support member will be available within a few minutes. Please stay connected! Creating personalization for your customers.

5) Shoppers Want Live Chat Support

83% of customers want to have live chat support during online shopping. Meaning you need to buy a whole new office for support agents. Certainly not if you’ve chatbots. A simple chatbot training can save your funding in a new office.

You can train your bot to create a conversational surrounding for both new and existing customers. Just create a bot conversational workflow for all your customers/subscribers and resolve their queries without depending on the support team.

If you come in the category that thinks the use of traditional email marketing for customer interaction is enough then you’re wrong! Shoppers like to chat and get quick replies. Which can’t be achieved with emails. Along with this, the spam and bounce rate of emails are also high. No one likes to read emails. Maximum times people delete their emails even without opening it. So, you can understand why your business needs to use a bot for interaction over emails.

6) Enables Marketers To Reach All At The Same Moment

If it comes to business results then multiple parameters contribute to the overall result of the business. Reaching the right audience is one of them. If you didn’t succeed in reaching the right group at the right time, you won’t be able to have the defined results you desired to have before the implementation of the strategy.

For conversions, it’s essential your audience has prior knowledge about the events you’re planning for them. So, this means, “You have to send content to each individual personally”.

Do you remember the phrase “Do Smart Work, Not Hard Work”? This phrase can also be implemented in bot marketing! Chatbots provides functionalities like “Facebook Messenger Broadcasting”. When there is a need to reach multiple users at the same moment, users can simply use this feature to reduce their manual work.

With Messenger bots, you aren’t restricted to create and send content at the moment. But you can also schedule the content as per your requirements.

There are situations when we want to reach only a special group and not all! And if we send a broadcast message we would be reaching the entire customer base. “So, this is an issue! But not for Messenger bots!”

Bots provide customer segmentation through tags that helps in reaching any particular group in no time. Businesses only have to assign the most relevant tag to their subscribers. The tag needs to be created keeping the subscriber’s behavior into consideration. That’s how using bots you would be in the position to reach the right group at the right time!

Reasons For Using Facebook Messenger Bot Are Handed Over!

The scope of chatbots is not organization-specific. Businesses that want to grow in their field can leverage these bot benefits. Bot means bringing automation in all the repetitive tasks that can be automated to save human time. But, this doesn’t mean bots are restricted to support services or conversations.

Facebook Messenger bots can also be leveraged to spread awareness, bring conversions and build healthy long-lasting relations with customers. I have mentioned the bot benefits to let you know why there is a need to invest in Messenger bots. And how your business can benefit from chatbot marketing. So, what you think about how chatbots can benefit a business in your terms.