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Migrate to Canada from India with Family by this Process

Canada has always been a very friendly country for immigration. There is a large population of Indians who Immigrated to Canada and have been accepted as residents or permanent citizens of Canada. This blog reveals some very important tips on how to migrate to Canada with the family.

Migrate to Canada from India with Family by this Process

Monday April 08, 2019,

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Canada Family immigration Process

Prominent Overseas Careers

However, let's find out the benefits of migrating to Canada with the family:

·        Canada is a friendly country for immigrants with zero discrimination against immigrants.

·        The government promised to provide equal rights, opportunities and legal support to foreign immigrants similar to citizens.

·        Subsidized education and medical benefits for the whole family make the country extremely favorable for raising children.

Who can accompany you while you migrate to Canada?

·        Spouse: The IRCC assumes that your spouse will accompany you unless you do not mention yourself as single on your profile. You do not need to apply separately for your spouse.

·        Children: children under the age of 22 are considered in their profile. Mentally unstable children or children with different disabilities are also considered as their dependents.

·        Parents / Grandparents: You must sponsor your parents and grandparents only after you have settled in Canada and lived there for a considerable period.

Things to remember before immigrating to Canada from India with the family:

·        You must provide financial support in case they are not working or have retired.

·        Members of your family should be eager to make every effort to stay in Canada.

For what reasons you may be prevented from sponsoring your family:

·        If you did not offer financial support to some family members you previously sponsored

·        If you have ever been an offender in a court support order

·        You have received financial assistance or support from the Canadian government, with the exception of disability support

·        You have been convicted of violence or sex crime on any of your relatives in Canada

·        Currently a prisoner under Canadian law or has been declared bankrupt.