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Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile App Development Cost And How Small Business Owners Are Cheated

Mobile App Development Cost

Tuesday November 20, 2018,

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Small business owners should possess an overall idea pertaining to Mobile App Development Cost so that they can save themselves from being cheated by shrewd mobile app developers or developing companies. Use of mobile devices is not just restricted to communicate with others verbally & textually but include accessing online services through mobile apps and much more. Small business owners need to seek mobile app development services in order to survive the cut-throat business competition nowadays. Mobile devices run an array of applications (apps) that serve almost every purpose one can imagine.

First of all, the need to develop mobile apps

Mobile apps can describe as software applications designed to run on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. As per AUM Core, around 69% of customers across the world (between the ages of 18 and 39) use mobile devices to research products services before they buy/subscribe for it.

To put it in a brief manner, not having mobile apps can cause considerable business loss. Apps allow your business to have a constant presence on the potential buyer’s phone screen and it helps in enhancing customer experience.

Small business owners need mobile apps because-

  • Facilitates earning more sales.
  • Fuels business growth with increased awareness.
  • A unique tool to engage better with prospects.
  • A direct communication channel.
  • Helps in retaining consumers.
  • Provides a competitive edge.

App Development Stages:

There are different app development phases and learning the price cost tagged against the stages by your developer helps to form an idea regarding the cost. The phases are

  1. Requirement analysis
  2. App design
  3. App development
  4. Testing
  5. Launch or maintenance

Mobile App Development Cost

The output is impressive but the cost might be a little depressing to small business owners. Mobile app development cost is not cheap but it is not necessarily always sky-high. Small business owners need polishing their basic understanding of the cost factors and other relevant matters concerning the subject.

App development cost calculating formula

There is no such fixed formula of calculating the app development cost but maximum app developing companies employs this formula for charging their clients

(App Features X Time) X Hourly PriceRate = App Development Cost

Features present in the app is multiplied by the required time to build all the features. The product valuation is then multiplied by the hourly rate value that finally decides the cost. The hourly rate differs from one company to another.

There are multiple factors that vary in this equation and influence the app development cost on an overall basis. The factors are consider and a workable wireframe is create to apply the formula for deriving the final cost.

These factors are detrimental in adding weight to the total cost app development cost:

  • App Types
  • App Purpose
  • App Functionalities
  • Third Party Integration
  • Adding Visual Luxury
  • App Development Team Proportion
  • Hours to Build Mobile Apps Count

This way small business owners can save themselves from being unnecessarily burden with shocking billing amount that multiple agencies wrongly charge many times. The cost factors involved and other information provided above can help small business owners know how much an app development can cost and what they can do to minimize expenses a bit.

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