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The Modern Rules of Winning the M-commerce Battle

The Modern Rules of Winning the M-commerce Battle

Thursday May 07, 2020,

7 min Read

M-commerce is much more than just a different shopping device. In fact, it has driven many new services and industries and supported the existing ones grow like:

• Mobile banking

• Location-based services

• Mobile marketing and promotions

• Digital content buying

• In-app payments

• Electronic tickets

Let’s understand some top benefits of M-commerce:

Benefits of M-commerce

• Enhanced user experience

• Personalization and localization

• Higher ROI

• Phenomenal potential of growth

• Increased payment options for customers

• Better Tracking and data insights

It is an undeniable fact that mobile commerce is growing rapidly in the world of ecommerce, which makes it the first choice for ecommerce businesses. Take advantage of this emerging channel with these modern rules and win the M-commerce Battle…!!

1. Conduct a feature audit

No, we are not talking about being Featuritis (offering so many unnecessary features). Being into the online world does not mean to highlight the bright objects every time, but you just have to add features that have a real impact. 

A feature audit means understanding the value of each feature on the mobile app integrated with your ecommerce site. Now, you have to ask few questions to yourself:

• Do you achieve enough benefits from all the available features?

• Are those benefits more worth than your website speed?

• Can some features get removed without impact sales or conversions?

• Is there any way to keep the feature but reduce its negative impact on the page loading speed?

The best mobile ecommerce solution helps you provide all the required features while maintaining a good page speed. Because no matter what, faster is always better. Taking a mobile-first approach should provide enormous benefits to your online store while leading to good speed.

2. Work on speed and responsiveness 

Page speed has always been an important factor because it retains the customer on the app. When it is about m-commerce apps, it has been noticed that over 50% of the traffic and search queries are happening on mobile devices. So, it becomes very important to work on speed and responsiveness of the mobile application. 

Google has also launched an index for mobile-first, which means that the mobile-optimized websites will get preference in search engine ranking measures. 

Are you also thinking to re-platform for m-commerce? This is a perfect time because mobile conversions are increasing rapidly. Even mobile revenue is expected to increase by 193% in 2021. 

Moreover, the loyalty factor is also dependent on the page speed for more than 50% of the shoppers. If users are made to wait due to slow page speed or any other reasons, online shoppers switch to different online sites. Along with the speed factor, it is important to be responsive as well as it is reported that over 79% online shoppers are less likely to visit a site if they once had a poor site experience. The automated ecommerce platform helps you to implement PWA stores to give a fast, engaging and uninterrupted experience to the users. PWA enables your site to be available even when the internet connection is poor.

3. Reply to the queries of the customer with chats or bots

When the visitor is in doubt, the best solution is to answer them in their preferred ways. For example, a customer has a shipping related query and dropped a message on the mobile app, it is natural that the response should also be given on mobile and instantly. 

A live chat is a part of M-commerce marketing solution and answers and engages your customers. Live chat is very useful in boosting sales along with the first line of support. It also acts as a backup for your mobile app navigation. The built-in features of chat platform allow customers to pick the right product according to their preferences. 

There is much more to live chat than just answering customer queries. What’s more? You can track the customer behavior, their needs and website vulnerabilities by analyzing the conversation. 

4. Re-target users with push notifications

Push notifications are the first app-like feature provided by the best mobile ecommerce solution and it surely helps a lot..!! 

It is a valuable asset but at the same time, the user needs to provide permission for push notifications on mobile. So, you have to be very specific about your value offerings to get your push notifications activated.

The best tip here is to send information sensitive (a promotion for completing the order), location-sensitive (special event or promotion in the nearby location). It shows that you care for the customers. 

It is necessary to gain the trust of users by explaining to them why push notifications are beneficial for them. Show an opt-in banner on the m-commerce app like “Hi, do you want to receive discount coupons?”. Simply saying “Allow notifications” will not attract the customer to opt-in. 

5. Provide easy checkout and simplified forms

Single-Page checkouts have better mobile conversions. It is no surprise that consumers are more comfortable shopping on mobile with an easy mobile checkout experience

Are you still asking for credit card numbers every time a customer pays for the order? A Big No should be the answer because you have to make it as easy as possible for customers to place the order, pay for it and checkout from the app. 

Customers have already spent a lot of energy on choosing the right products, adding them to the cart and if they have to struggle through checkout and payments, they will not entertain it for sure. It is vital to take customers through simplified forms and easy checkout, or they will abandon their cart. 

Start using the best mobile ecommerce solution and don’t make your customers wait for best-in-class experience..!! 

6. Use product videos for better customer interaction

Videos are really getting very popular. Implementing a mobile video strategy will surely help your ecommerce business grow. A 30-second product video is always preferable to check the product from different angles rather than clicking 10 times for the product pictures. 

Highlight the most impressive side of products, add emotional quotient with the video to make it more persuasive. Just remember that m-commerce videos should be responsive and high quality so that the customer actually enjoys watching it.

7. Localize your mobile marketing

M-commerce utilizes each and every information provided by users like location, order history etc. to improve its service and drive more revenues. 

It allows acquiring new users as well as helps retain existing customers. It makes the users feel that you care for them. The ecommerce platform developed specifically for mobile apps provides geo-tracking technology and customized marketing solutions to help ecommerce business owners connect with the customers. It is very helpful in converting the prospect into a paying customer and drastically increases the likelihood of purchase completion. 

Win the M-commerce battle with right platform

In the fierce online competition, you need to innovate, implement the modern rules and stand out. Hope these tips help you to do that. Don’t forget that mobile-first approach is all about customers. Providing valuable offerings to customers will increase their M-commerce app spends and help them to be loyal. 

You can get personalized solutions for mobile commerce along with easy navigation, accelerated customer service levels, seamless functionalities.

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