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12 Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Platforms to Build Your Ecommerce Website & Apps

Now let us check out the powerful Multi vendor marketplace platforms to build an eCommerce store

12 Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Platforms to Build Your Ecommerce Website & Apps

Monday February 10, 2020,

10 min Read

The multi vendor marketplace platform has become a popular way to promote and sell both physical and digital products. Customers also prefer e-commerce platforms for purchasing the products of their requirements as the e-commerce marketplace platforms will provide a wide range of products to them and they can sort, filter and search the exact product they need.

E-commerce is quietly and conveniently taking up our lives. According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon boasts 100 million Amazon Prime members. Free delivery is the norm. Two-day shipping is to become one-day or two-hour shipping.

If you would like to start your eCommerce store, finding the best eCommerce platforms can be really challenging – there are over 477 choices.

We provide the best e-commerce platforms that can provide unique features to your marketplace. Let us discuss the most reliable eCommerce builders in detail.

Top 7 Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platforms

#1.  Zielcommerce - End-to-End Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

Multi Vendor marektplace platform

Zielcommerce marketplace is one of the most trusted multi vendor e-commerce marketplace platform that can suit both beginners and seasoned e-commerce professionals and it is suitable for companies of any size. If you are planning to start a serious e-commerce online store business with the minimum cost then the Zielcommerce marketplace is a perfect choice. There are many platforms available in the market but still, they lack in necessary tools that are very essential to expand one’s business. Zielcommerce marketplace doesn’t have this issue. 

The salient features of this top-notch multi vendor marketplace platform

  • Zielcommercec Marketplace is a trustworthy, one-time payment software.
  • You can enjoy the complete freedom of customization both inside and outside the platform. At any stage, you can rebuild the platform according to your current business needs.
  • Zielcommerce also possesses attractive and user-friendly UX & UI design. 
  • Marketplace software is perfectly compatible with any device.
  • It has a built-in marketing tool that can leverage customer engagements mainly through Social media and content marketing.
  • Their is well integrated with leading payment providers and you will never miss even a single sale. You can completely rely on its 24/7 end-to-end customer support.


#2. 3Dcart - Hassle-free Multi Vendor Marketplace Software

multi vendor marketplace platfom

3Dcart is one of the dedicated e-commerce software that helps to create a multi vendor e-commerce store. This will act as a great starting point for starting your online business. By managing orders and customers' information through 3Dcart you can easily grow your business to the next level within a shorter period of time. With the use of the in-built SEO process, you can increase your online visibility and attract more customers to your website. With 3Dcart you can easily analyze customer accounts and then you can segment your customers.

The kep points of this multi vendor software

  • It has advanced inventory tracking that will help you keep enough stocks. 
  • It has built-in advanced reporting. You can get reports to analyze sales and ROI. 
  • 3Dcart has customer support 24/7. 
  • It has a lot of third-party integrations along with accounting tools, shipping tools and many more. Support resources are available across various discussion forums.

#3. ZenCart - Ready to use Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

Multi-vendor marketplace platform

Zencart is one of the leading platforms for a multi vendor marketplace website. It includes powerful features like multi-lingual capabilities, rating and review systems, social media logins, Google analytics and many more. It possesses javascript code editors to add third-party plugins to your e-commerce store. The designs are simple and clean and very much appealing. Comparing to other e-commerce platforms, ZenCart is quite affordable. The developers of ZenCart are continuously making improvements and they add more features. You will all the updates without any hassle and delay.

The true power of this multi-vendor solution:

  • Because of its powerful infrastructure, the multi vendor marketplace platform is highly scalable. 
  • They provide you a holistic support system to meet your other business needs. 
  • The design is totally mobile responsive. 
  • You will enjoy the perfect search option through which you will be able to find what exactly you need. 
  • With Zencart you can manage all the processes in one place.

#4. Arcadier - Flexible & Feature-rich online Multi vendor platform

Multi-vendor marketplace platform

Do you want to create a stunning multi vendor e-commerce store? Then you can go to Arcadier. It provides the easiest way to sell your products online. It gives room for future scalability and customizations. This multi vendor marketplace platform provides a smooth communication between the vendors and the customers. Customers can add multiple products from different vendors and can have them as a single order. With Arcadier you can add third-party plugins for currency conversion, social media sharing and many more. Through your admin panel, you can manage and control the overall functionalities of your e-commerce store.

The full-pack features of this multi-vendor ecommerce platform

  • Through its chat function, users can communicate with the vendors and can clear about their orders and know about its shipping and delivery details. 
  • Basic SEO support is provided that will help you in search engine ranking. 
  • Merchants can create sub-accounts through which they can manage their own inventory. 
  • It supports multiple item check-out that is a cool feature too.

#5. CS-Cart - All in one Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

Multi-vendor marketplace platform

Any aspiring e-commerce developer will select the CS-Cart Multi vendor E-commerce marketplace platform. It has a huge range of premade themes. One can also edit the theme in real-time. It has the very strong Admin panel. Through its dashboard, you can clearly see the overall performance of your store. 

The un-believable key elements of this multi vendor marketplace solution:

  • It has a dedicated mobile app that supports you to manage your e-commerce store. 
  • The product options are totally customizable and also has a price and weight modifiers.
  • CS-Cart has more than 50 payment gateways that allow customers to choose the payment of their convenience.
  • It is also integrated with FedEx and USPS for shipping and provides real-time costing. 
  • You can also find more add-ons in its exclusive marketplace that will help you to extend the functionality of your e-commerce store.

#6. Yo!Kart - Most ideal ecommerce Marketplace platform

Multi-vendor marketplace platform

Yo!Kart possesses all features that are required for a successful multi vendor marketplace platform. With its multilingual and multi-currency functionality, you can attract customers all over the world. You can have a perfect database backup that can secure your data from any sudden server attacks. You can easily organize the users and manage them with simple steps. You can streamline your order starting from order placement to order dispatch.

The key highlights of this multi vendor software:

  • Yo!Kart has inbuilt CMS so that your customers can be hooked up to your website through your regular blogs and postings. 
  • You will experience a very responsive design and user-centered design. 
  • You will have a perfect track inventory system that will provide proper notifications whenever you run out of stock. 
  • It also includes marketing features like PPC advertisements, Affiliate modules, social media sharing and many more.

#7. CedCommerce

Multi-vendor marketplace platform

CedCommerce is a complete solution for the multi vendor marketplace software. Any website owner can change his website into a feature-rich multi vendor marketplace with the help of CedCommerce. It has several add-ons facility that provides additional power-pack functionalities. With this multi vendor marketplace platform you can completely manage your orders by creating new invoices, arranging shipment for the orders and many more. It also has a dedicated rating and review system where your customers can review your product and your service. This will help to promote your business. The more you get positive feedback the more you grow.

The upgraded features of this multi vendor marketplace platform

  • CedCommerce possesses an exclusive messaging system mainly to influence customer service. 
  • It has a wallet system that will behave as an online payment method. 
  • It mainly nurtures the customer-seller relationship. 
  • The admin can efficiently manage traffic for his website. 
  • Managing your product inventory will be simple with CedCommerce.

8. VivoGigs – An user-friendly marketplace software

multi vendor marketplace platform

VivoGigs is a dedicated multi vendor marketplace platform for the performers, entertainers and event planners. One can fully own the license and there will not be any recurring fee. The design is completely editable. This marketplace software has impressive and majestic features that can attract the customers easily.

The attractive features of Vivogigs marketplace platform

● Perfect communication system that facilitates clients to communicate well with the artists.

● Customers can review and rate this multi vendor marketplace platform and with the feedback the artist can fine tune his performance.

● Get a free demo and understand how the marketplace platform functions.

● The advanced power search option will let customers get what they exactly want.

● Vivogigs marketplace software is completely device compatible.

9.IXXOCart – a customizable multi vendor marketplace solution

multi vendor marketplace platform

IXXOCart is responsive marketplace software that can suit any business needs as it is suitable for small scale as well as large scale enterprises. This multi vendor marketplace platform is enabled with all essential tools that are required for a multi vendor software to run effectively. Without any coding experience one can manage this marketplace solution efficiently.

The prominent features of IXXOCart marketplace platform

●     The dedicated mobile app will get you more mobile users as your customers.

●     IXXO Cart is search engine optimized and can get your multi vendor marketplace platform more organic traffic.

●     Easy to install and integrate with all third party software.

●     Get complete customer support round the clock.

●     Perfectly scalable and can meet your updated requirements.

10.Acenda – an extraordinary multi vendor marketplace software

multi vendor marketplace platform

Acenda is a next generation ecommerce marketplace platform that associates the manufacturers with the consumers. Customers can expect a long-term success with this marketplace platform. Start-ups can be benefited with this multi vendor marketplace software as they are highly cost effective.

The ultimate features of Acenda multi vendor platform

● Get to experience the perfect channel integrations.

● The advanced content management system will support you in generating leads.

● Exclusive dashboard and get regular sales reporting.

● Real-time inventory and order notification

● In-built branding activities like search engine optimization, social media marketing and many more.

11.Retaxis – a phenomenal marketplace software

multi vendor marketplace platform

Retaxis is a genuine B2B marketplace platform that supports sellers to have customer review and ratings to improve the performance level. This marketplace software supports multi-language and also multiple currencies so that you can cover global audience. The flexible payment options of this multi vendor marketplace platform retain the customer base.

The extraordinary features of this marketplace software

Dedicated marketplace features for Food, Fashion, Electronics, medicine or accessory industry.

● Customers can experience Google tracking tools to track their orders.

● Users can be benefited with exclusive offers and can use dedicated coupon code.

● Alert notifications send to both sellers and the customers for each order placed.

● Good revenue source through various vendor commission schemes.

12.Oorjit – a legit multi vendor marketplace platform

multi vendor marketplace platform

Oorjit is a genuine marketplace platform that provides a highly secured content management system that supports the marketplace owner to have a scalable marketplace platform. This multi vendor marketplace platform is in-built with advanced SEO features that can promote your business in all search engines.

The exclusive features of this marketplace platform

● Dedicated mobile apps that can serve customers with all essential features.

● This multi vendor marketplace software has advanced technologies like AI and ML that can easily understand customer’s purchase behavior and can suggest them more related products.

● Easy integration with third-party APIs.

● Vendors can easily upload their products using bulk upload feature.

Summing up

We hope that you have gained enough knowledge about the e-commerce software for building your multi vendor marketplace platform. Pay more attention to your business needs and select the platform wisely. Depending upon the size of your business the requirement of the features depends. And according to the features, the price also varies. Have a clear idea of your requirements and choose the perfect multi vendor marketplace platform and get started with your online e-commerce store.