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Need To Know How To Boost Your Intelligence? This Is How

7 Tested And Most Effective Ways To Boost Your Intelligence

Need To Know How To Boost Your Intelligence? This Is How

Monday June 03, 2019,

4 min Read

Many people try different ways in order to boost their intelligence, however, not all of them actually work. In this competitive era, intelligence is one of the most important skills one must possess. People think that they need to do play some kind of brain-boosting games in order to improve their intelligence, but what they don’t know is that it is very easy to boost your intelligence in simple and easy ways. Listed below are 7 tested and most effective ways to boost your intelligence.

  • Regular Physical Exercise: When someone talks about physical exercise, people immediately assume that the person is talking about joining a gym. However, you don’t need to join a gym to make a regular physical exercise a part of your routine. Just a brisk walk or jog for 30-45 minutes will be sufficient enough to boost your mental health and intelligence. Or if you are not a fan of cramping up your body with hardcore exercise, you can try something like yoga or tai chi, which are well known for relaxing one’s mind and elevating his/her intelligence.

  • Sleep Well: One of the best ways to boost your intelligence is to improve your mental health. And for good mental health, it is very important to get a good night’s sleep. A sleep of at least 8 hours, however, not more than 10 hours. Also, if someday you’re not able to get a full sleep due to your busy schedule, please make sure you sleep for at least 5-6 hours and not less than 4 hours. This way you’ll be able to get an ample amount of sleep which will improve your mental health resulting in an immense boost of intelligence.

  • Do You Smoke? Please Don’t: OK, we all know that smoking causes cancer and it tampers the functioning of the lungs. But, there’s something else about smoking that you need to know. It tampers with your intelligence as well. The various toxins in the smoke can damage brain functions in many ways. It doesn’t only affect your lungs, it affects your brain as well. It’s important for good mental health that you don’t smoke. If you quit today, you’ll experience a boost in your intelligence as your mental health will become much better.

  • Go Easy On Alcohol: Drinking excessive alcohol doesn’t only tamper with your liver, it can also impair brain function. However, Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol while socializing is OK. If you consume a considerable amount of alcohol, please start going easy on it. The moment you start controlling your thirst for alcohol, you’ll notice that your mental health is improving, which in turn, will boost your intelligence by a considerable amount.

  • Try To Gain Knowledge From Wherever You Can: Knowledge is power! And I don’t mean it’ll give you physical power, instead, it’ll give you a power even more supreme than physical power, the power of intelligence. Do whatever you can to gain knowledge. Read books, have group discussions, watch documentaries, visit informative sites, etc. There are many ways to gather knowledge, you just need to find your ways.

  • Play Strategic Video Games: Not to be confused with super easy games such as beat em ups. Games which require concentration are the best to improve your intelligence. Racing and FPSs can improve your concentration and reaction time. However, the best games which can boost your intelligence immensely are online strategic games. In simple words, MMORPGs. MMORPGs require a great strategic mindset and they really help a lot in boosting your intelligence.

  • Try Meditation: Now, I’m not telling you to be like Lord Buddha, but having a statue of him might help in inspiring you… just kidding. But seriously, try meditation, it’s a proven and one of the best ways to boost one’s intelligence. Meditation is again connected to mental health. Just meditating for 20-30 minutes in a day can immensely improve your mental health. And by now you know that better mental health means better intelligence.

So there you have it, these are 7 tested and most effective ways to boost your intelligence.


This article can easily be concluded by saying “intelligence is directly proportional to mental health”, this means that the better your mental health is, the more intelligent you’ll be. The 7 ways I’ve mentioned above are tested by many, including me. So go and knock yourself out (not literally) with these 7 most effective ways to boost your intelligence.