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Nuskhe By Paras: India's Leading Natural Skincare Brand By Celebrity Skincare Guru Paras Tomar

Nuskhe By Paras: India's Leading Natural Skincare Brand By Celebrity Skincare Guru Paras Tomar

Thursday February 20, 2020,

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Nuskhe By Paras: India's Leading Natural Skincare Brand By Celebrity Skincare Guru Paras Tomar

The Natural Skincare  Natural is the way forward as skincare goes back to old-age remedies, and Paras Tomar, a journalist turned actor turned celebrity skincare guru offers natural such products under his umbrella of 'Nuskhe By Paras' that have many takers.

In the recent past, India has witnessed a huge rage in natural, organic beauty and skincare products market. Thanks to rising awareness among Indian consumers, the sales figures in the domestic market have started to surpass exports.

In 2019, around the time people had just started waking up to the potential of organic products, Paras Tomar, a journalist back then, picked the idea as an enticing new business opportunity in natural and organic skincare, and personal care products. We bumped into our favourite celebrity skincare guru Paras and this is what followed! Read on to find out what inspired him to begin Nuskhe By Paras, his skincare obsessions, and his eventful journey as an entrepreneur.

India recognizes you as their 'celebrity skincare guru Paras.' Please tell us more about yourself. How did Nuskhe By Paras come into being?

As a former journalist turned actor , content has always been a part of most of my social media posts. The "news hangover" or the "info junkie" bit stays in your system when you've grown up in the offices of CNN news 18, NDTV & the Times of India. I started acting more recently with a web debut in 'Four More Shots' for Amazon Prime. But, the breakaway event for 2019 was definitely the launch of Nuskhe by Paras, owing to the popularity of #ParasKeNuskhe which had trended beyond 150 million views on TikTok alone. And, so my everyday nuskhe turned into, now what is, India's first and only influencer owned natural skincare brand.

What are natural beauty and skincare to you? How important are they? A little birdy told me that's a big hobby of yours.

It's more than a hobby. I've grown up with it. As a kid, I remember my mother constantly using lemon, tomato and gram flour on her face like most other Indian mothers. We come from a high priest Brahmin family, and have our own temple. How many people have that? So, I've grown up with mantras and chants and Ayurveda. This is a complete case of conditioning mixed with exposure and opportunity. The hobby here would be making skincare centric videos for I love making content that has an infotainment value. #ParasKeNuskhe just strung it together.

What inspired you to incept your natural skincare line? What problem does it solve?  

Contrary to what most people believe, I have a terrible skin! Most skincare gurus are blessed with flawless skin! You name a skin problem and I had it. Acne, Marks, blackheads, I had it all! As an actor, after having spent so much money on doctors and numerous creams and lotions, which clearly weren't working, I switched to taking matters in my own hands. I began studying up more about natural and Ayurvedic beauty and skincare remedies. This is exactly why Nuskhe by Paras became an Ayurvedic, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare range at its launch.

Celebrity Skincare Guru Paras Tomar

Celebrity Skincare Guru Paras Tomar

So, what does your personal skincare routine look like?

A lot of trial and error! I've actually had garlic burns on my face at one point! Thus, lesson learnt! But that's a part of the process. Like in a gym you injure yourself while working out and making progress, something similar happens here as well. My day starts with an all-natural face-wash, moves on to some, fruit or vegetable going on my face in some form followed by 1 minute icing before I head for a shoot. 

Shoot days are makeup-heavy and honestly, removing the makeup part is so boring! So, it ends with Nuskhe By Paras Cleanse, Toner, and Mist series routine. And, I go to bed with lavender oil on my pillow for a better sleep! 

You have such a strong, interesting natural beauty and skincare game. Name your favourite Nuskhe By Paras few at the moment that you strongly recommend!

I don't hit the sheets without the Nuskhe By Paras Toner. It's that one nuskha I recommend to everyone.  In my opinion, it's one of the most under-rated natural skincare products. Because, I can be lazy after shoot days to remove make up, we designed the Nuskhe by Paras Cleanser, Toner and Mist range in spray bottles, also available individually. Indeed effective and totally hassle-free!

What is your number one skincare obsession?

Dark circles! For a deeply nocturnal human being like me, who starts his day at 3 pm and goes to bed at 7 am, dark circles are always a concern. I'm always fighting them by using Nuskhe By Paras Under Eye Gel Serum, usually winning!

Is natural skincare industry in India thriving?  What do you think is the reason behind it?

Natural skincare in India is often confused with makeup. They are two entirely different entities. Wellness is about fixing your skin. Makeup is about concealing. I think it's only more recent for India to realise natural skincare and wellness are important. 


As an influencer and a natural skincare line founder of Nuskhe By Paras, what motivates you?

If you're ever able to check out the messages I get from people on a daily basis, you'll get overwhelmed. It's the brutal truth, but, bad skin or hair loss or pimples really affect so many people's self-esteem. I know it's like those cheesy ads where being pimple-free suddenly makes for a successful story. However, very often after using natural skincare solutions offered under the umbrella of Nuskhe By Paras, people do find a lot of joy! 

What are the initial hurdles that Nuskhe By Paras faced? How did you overcome those?

It has been the smoothest sail EVER! DON'T jinx it! 

How has Nuskhe By Paras brought about transformations in the particular segment?

We've opened India to a possibility and the first-of-its kind case to tell people that celebrities endorsing brands doesn't mean anything. A Bollywood actress holding a cream bottle has no merit. They're "acting". The success of Nuskhe By Paras signifies that people really want to follow someone who actually knows about natural skincare.  

Discuss a few of India's natural skincare trends that astound you.

Skin bleaching tops the list of such trends. It's been an obsession of ours for as long as I can remember. And I'm going to be honest here. This is also a case of 'what people want.' I've made videos on how to get tanned and how to remove a tan. It doesn't take a genius to figure which one people watched more.  

What's next for Nuskhe By Paras? Discuss the roadmap that you desire to follow for your brand.

We're already competing with the big wigs of Indian skincare. But Nuskhe by Paras has its own niche. The road map for us is overall wellness. With the launch of our multivitamin range and the pet product range, we've entered three entirely different spaces. The one word keeping the thread alive in all of them is 'natural.'

This article is curated by Skincare Guru Paras Tomar.