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How Online Learning Impacts the Education Industry During COVID-19?

How Online Learning Impacts the Education Industry During COVID-19?

Monday June 29, 2020,

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Last few months have been extremely challenging for the entire world due to isolation, quarantine, lock downs due to COVID-19 pandemic. This has really created a deep impact for businesses across industries. The education industry is no exception in this regard. It has resulted in making classrooms, college campuses and schools empty as students are being compelled to remain home. Now it is time for a drastic change to make things convenient and comfortable.

The sufferings of the educational institutions during this critical scenario have compelled them to embrace tech-based solutions. Online teaching solutions like virtual classrooms and e-learning have enabled the educational institutions to impart necessary teachings without compromising on the desired quality.

Benefits of e-learning app development

  • Making education interactive
  • Visually impressive content to learn and retain better
  • Convenient learning from comfort zones
  • Personalized guidance and mentoring
  • Multiple practice sessions
  • Flexible study time

With suitable e-learning and online educational solutions students can stay ahead in their courses irrespective of the disruption caused by COVID-19. During this disruptive crisis educators are experiencing sudden changes in their communication with the students. Hence this is the right time to apply necessary tech-based solutions to ensure in making learning effective for students who are staying away from the lectures and classroom interaction.

The ongoing crisis can well change our global outlook and the world. It can also guide us how the industry of education need to change and how to prepare the young learners for their future.

Delivering education by unlocking technology

The pandemic of COVID-19 has compelled the schools and colleges all over the world to use technological tools in making content suitable for remote learning to serve students across various age groups. In this process educators are trying out various possibilities to make learning flexible and engaging for students across the globe.

Role of virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms are seen as an alternative learning method driven by technology. The acceptance of virtual modes of learning has gone up exponentially owing to the rising popularity of social media platforms like YouTube and edX. Although it may not be as popular as face to face classroom teachings but can definitely change the mindset of teachers and professors as the entire world is under global shutdown. The sudden switch over to virtual mode of communications and learning has made online classrooms highly popular.

Some of the benefits of this digital platform are

  • Screen sharing
  • Online study-Whiteboard
  • Online Mock Tests and Practice Tests
  • File Sharing
  • Recorded and Live classes
  • Downloading and uploading of study materials
  • Comprehensive scorecards and reports
  • Annotation
  • Live discussions

Thus by consulting an educational app development company you can avail plenty of advantages to make education available for your target students within a short time span. Professional students of engineering and medical branches can also be benefited by taking help of e-learning resources.

Demand for online learning and e-learning software

There has been a deep surge in online education by colleges and schools throughout the world due to the prolonged lock down. Different types of online learning methods like e-books, animations, graphics, e-learning courses, online video-based content, quizzes, mock tests etc are being deployed by the educational entities to make learning highly contextualized, accessible and personalized. For students of pre-schools to colleges incorporating the e-learning practices has made studies more interesting and purposeful. As a result, of this students no longer have to remain confined within the four walls of their classes. This has also reduced monotony to a significant level.

Using video conferencing applications, Google classroom, Microsoft Teams the shift from offline teachings to online mode have been effective in enabling students to explore their subjects with more inquisitiveness.

School management solutions

To enhance classroom training, digital learning or educational apps are considered vital. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made this option a mainstream activity. Experimenting with online learning solutions has become a new norm these days. Technology solutions are to be optimized by the educational organizations to measure their success rate. Apart from this, technologies related to education are capable in increasing collaboration across the globe by providing unique and world-class learning services.

Thus you have seen why digital learning is gaining prominence and how effective it can become in boosting teaching experiences. Right from time management to performing better in exams, e-learning can be a real platform in serving appropriate guidance to our young and enthusiastic minds.

Conclusion: The ongoing lock down due to COVID-19 has completely put a full stop on traditional teaching techniques. This can be a major shock for students as they become directionless regarding their academic progression. A renowned educational mobile app development company can deliver tailor-made solutions to make your business stand out in the current competitive market.

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