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Power of social media today

What is the Power of Social Media?

Power of social media today

Tuesday March 26, 2019,

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In today’s world, Social media platforms are being widely used across the world. social media platform refers to a technology or software where an online user can interact with other users. In the world of internet, most of the people use social media site these days. with this platform, number of globally connected people are increasing day by day. People are joining this platform for various purposes. Social networking sites are making everyone’s life fast, easy and comfortable. With its presence, people are connecting with each other across the globe.

How Social Media Platforms are Powerful?

Increases Job opportunity-:

Social media platforms play a vital role in terms of creating job opportunities as most of the company and recruiters post their requirement on social media for jobs which are visible to those who are looking for jobs.

Increase hiring process-:

Company use social media to recruit candidates and people who get in touch with social media can get instant job.

Encourages employees-:

Sharing a link related to jobs on social media can encourage more people. Whenever you get to know about any requirements in any company, you can share that information on social media in public which will help those who are unemployment.

Reduces the Cost to hire-:

Recruiting process on social media platform are normally less expensive than other sources. Recruiters can save more money by posting adds for jobs on social media.

Wide Reach-:

As per the sources, Facebook has more than 800 million active users, 50% of which log on to facebook daily hence many recruiters and hiring managers are taking advantage of social media’s wide reach. Recruiting through social media has several opportunity in today’s world.

These days, Social media is the most powerful tool which helps to develop new, passive talent streams and strengthen employment branding. It allows recruiters to observe and assess hiring process. It also enables to make organization brand in the world. if you have a comfortable work environment along with great culture, employees would love to join such amazing organization. Social media is being used as powerful tool these days. Through social media people get to know what is happening in the world, People are getting information of new technology, whenever any new technology is launched in the market then news is spread through social sites. This is how it is playing a  crucial role in the society in different ways.