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SEO Marketing Strategy: Tips for Success in 2021

SEO Marketing Strategy: Tips for Success in 2021

Saturday January 09, 2021,

6 min Read

As the search engines are getting smarter day after another, it has become extremely important to play the SEO and marketing game differently. Gone those days when on-page optimization and basic off-page work sound was enough to get found on the Internet. In 2021, a lot of things will operate differently for online businesses and their search engine optimization processes.

Amid the outbreak, businesses changed the way they used to operate and almost everyone switched their working style. More businesses are coming online and it becomes pivotal to know the success tips to thrive online.

Be it Google, Bing, or any other search engine, all will keep rolling out the updates and you need to hone your game to stay relevant in the business. You need an advanced SEO marketing strategy that can help you take a leap from the competitors. Apart from basic optimization activities, we have gathered useful tips and recommendations that will help you get started with full power in 2021. In this article, we will check out exclusive tips for success in 2021 to grow your both revenue and visitors.

Focus on online presence & brand reputation

Trust and user security regarding online brands are two major focus points that every business owner should focus on. You need to put more effort into your social media strategies to support your core SEO marketing strategy.

Try to be more active on all the touchpoints which your customers or readers use. Focus on resolving all their queries on social media if they have dropped you any comments. Earlier, companies used to treat their social media and SEO differently. But, in 2020, brands used to create combined strategies

For reaching new customers and attracting more business opportunities, you need to bring both SEO and marketing strategies on the same page. Once you create aggregated strategies, you can achieve your milestones much faster. It's time to perform an in-depth analysis of the content that you are pushing and check what kind of content is working for you. Once you figure out 2-3 formats, increase those to maintain your social presence.

Optimizing SEO and GMB listings

For getting the most out of the marketing strategies, you need to focus on strengthening your site's SEO foundation. Conduct a complete site audit and fix all the errors if there are any. Check for 404 pages, redirects, content optimization, site speed, and other important factors. Once you ensure that your site's technical aspects are sound and working fine, the chances of better ranking improve automatically. More than 60% of the organizations believe that SEO is critical for their business and it's enough to prove, advancing on SEO is vital.

The second most important thing for an SEO marketing strategy is optimizing your Google My Business listings. More than 70% of people consider online reviews and ratings before buying services or products. And in 2020, as more businesses are becoming online, it's important to optimize your GMB listing.

If you have recently made some changes in your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) or other important details, make sure you update the information in the GMB also. It will help customers to reach you faster and effortlessly.

Context-based PPC campaigns

PPC is a popular marketing strategy and it will rule in 2021 also as it offers a higher RoI and conversion rate. But, you need to optimize the way you use to set up the Pay Per Click campaigns. While doing the keyword research, also have a look at how people are searching for your targeted services or product. There will be several other important queries that you might not have included in your campaign.

Check out the rich-featured snippets and ‘people also ask’ section to have an idea about the search context and intent of your potential customers. Make the necessary changes in the keyword searching method and hone your SEO marketing strategy.

When paid marketing combined with SEO strategies,, it brings out enhanced results and improves your business's RoI and conversion rate. The main focus here on PPC in 2020 is fulfilling the customer's search intent. Be it by PPC ads or writing quality content and running ads for traffic, focus on delivering more value to your users.

Voice search is the future

No one can deny the strong surge of voice search in 2021 and it's here to stay with us for a very long time. If your site is not optimized for voice search, then it's high time to get started and improve your SEO marketing strategy. 

Optimize your existing content by adding more user-searched questions and add more value-driven answers to them. By doing this, you will improve the chances of getting featured in the voice results of Google.

More people are now considering voice search in their Internet browsing experience and the percentage will improve in the upcoming time. Read and research more about how you can optimize your website for the audio search to get an edge over your competitors. With the availability of smart voice assistance, fitness bands, and wearables, a large number of audiences will start using voice search in their daily life.

Videos are the next big thing

Video marketing is a hot trend even now but in 2021, video consumption will go up exponentially and video marketing is the key to success. If you were not producing video content for your business, then it's the right time to include that as well in your SEO Marketing Strategy.

Be it micro-business videos for client on-boarding or in-depth explanatory video content, you will definitely gain an edge over your competitors when you start creating audio-visual content. It will not only engage your visitors but also add more value to their overall user experience. For adding the fun element to your business, you can also create and share behind the scene videos to engage more visitors.

These were some top tips in 2021 for optimizing your SEO Marketing Strategy and thrive online. Get started with your team and prepare a robust plan for the upcoming time.