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How to Settle Down in a New City Peacefully

Dreams have no expiry date and if the cost is moving to a new city and starting afresh, hop on to the journey like a brave heart. The move is only going to broaden your horizons and make you more fearless and independent

How to Settle Down in a New City Peacefully

Wednesday April 29, 2020,

5 min Read

Our unquenchable thirst for following dreams and chasing success often requires us to break out of our comfort zone and switch cities. House hunting can become highly stressful when you are moving to a completely unknown place with hazy expectations. Before you follow your dreams, It’s safe to say that your search for a comfortable and cost-effective home can override your excitement. The struggle is real if you are an introvert with no contacts or acquaintances in the new city. Therefore, it’s essential to find a habitable place first that allows you to settle down before you can start living an independent life away from home with the least emotional turbulence. 

Finding A Safe Home: The First Step to Inner Peace

Your home is the place where you introspect,  enjoy your alone time, and get all the productivity kicking in. But it’s not the same when you are to stay in a new city for an undefined period. Apartment shifting is not as simple as it looks when done solo as individual needs are evolving. When you are staying with your family, most of your needs are taken care of by experienced members. Whether it’s planning a whitewash, planting an orchard, or a home renovation, you are always in safe hands. But, settling down in a new city is a different ballgame. You have to make informed decisions and be your own hero.  The process is going to be riddled with mistakes and therefore, make sure your new place has:

  • Big enough and spacious rooms to accommodate the number of people
  • Adequate ventilation to ensure there is enough room for air and sunlight
  • A dedicated area to park your car
  • A lawn or park nearby where you can enjoy the gifts of nature
  • Grocery and medical stores to stock up essential items quickly without wasting time traveling to distant places
  • Accessible public transport to make the daily commute easy and comfortable
  • Room for personalized interests such as Yoga Centers, Swimming Pools and Gymnasium
  • Adequate lighting nearby to ensure a safe neighborhood
  • Close proximity to the main road, but distant enough from deafening vehicular noise 
  • Good Air Quality Index to prevent respiratory problems
  • 24X7 security and elevator facility for those with special needs
  • Nearby hospitals and emergency centers for timely healthcare attention
  • A quiet and warm neighborhood to protect from isolation and occasional bouts of loneliness

Managing Difficult Emotions: Loneliness Gets Better

A new place is an uncharted territory, so the fear of the unknown is scary and inevitable. The people, the streets, the environment; all of these factors send you down an emotional roller coaster. Many a time, you might question whether you took the right decision by taking up a job in a different city, but that’s completely normal and alright. Quite soon, you are going to get accustomed to your new life, and when you look back, your dreams are going to be grateful to you. The journey can be a lonely road at once, but the thrill of pursuing your newfound dreams among new people in a new city is no less than an adventure. However, it’s essential to avoid these mistakes when you are trying to find a place in a new city. Here’re a few typical mistakes that tenants commit while planning a move:

  • Trusting brokers blindly without any background checks
  • Shelling  hard-earned money on brokerage charges
  • Signing rent agreement in haste without understanding its intricacies
  • Leaving out essential items while collaborating with multiple stakeholders during the move

Therefore, it’s always better to seek professional help to ease out the stress and most importantly, for a seamless experience. When a reliable person actively assists you throughout the process, negotiates the rent on your behalf, and connects you with homeowners directly, you can have complete clarity about all your concerns before you make a decision. Once you take care of the basic needs, you can have ample time to connect with the right people and feel better.

Get Engaged in Activities You Love: Focus is the Key

We live in a digital world, and multiple online platforms help you find your preferred home in a new city. With such online platforms, you can eliminate all the stress and the hassles in the house-hunting process whether it’s signing a rental agreement, negotiating with homeowners, arranging for transportation, or any other activity. However, it’s only a job half done.

As soon as you move, nostalgia and loneliness can hit you hard. Therefore, it’s essential to stay connected with your family members and move out of your home for regular activities including work, grocery shopping, walking, or running. No matter what, you must take a pledge to not spend your day in bed the entire day after work. If possible, try connecting to people in the neighborhood or join an activity group for like-minded connections, if your society has one. 

Allow Time to Work the Magic: Your Move Makes Sense

Moving to a new city is no different than going to school for the first time. Everything might look weird, but the experience gets better and better over time. It’s important to find meaning and immersion in your work and find the ideal balance that works for you. Temporary bouts of loneliness and low are normal, and they shouldn’t be stealing your joy of pursuing meaningful work in a new city. If you face any difficulty, opening about your emotions with loved ones can help. Trust the process and everything will fall into place soon.  Wish you great success and boundless joy with your career at your new home, away from home.