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Advertisement connects with you in six ways; individually

This is how an advertisement and its communication reaches your brain, to be precise not target audience as whole, instead, we are talking about single audience among its target audience. Six ways by which an ads connect with you by Schedix a startup in consumer behavior strategy

Advertisement connects with you in six ways; individually

Friday April 24, 2020,

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When you go back in time and see what brand means then or today, more or less their won’t be any difference in meaning, brands has been around for centuries as means to differentiate between high-end and low-end products or services. Inherently, we are programmed to think “brand means something valuable” and that is the reason why brands should focus on understanding the deeper sides of brand adoption. If we see what it is that sweet spot that differentiates between a good brand and a best brand we would find – image, quality and positioning by its advertisement, perhaps, the reason why hearing a jingle, seeing an image or feeling the story recalls us about the particular brands advertisement.

We see thousands of advertisements all around but very few are in bucket which we remember always. So, what is that special thing about those advertisements which still in your mind even after decades? Lot of advertisements might be hazy in mind but still you could remember something related to it.

An individual may have different set of choices and he/she vary from the person standing next door, so does the advertisement. The points I have mentioned here is related to individual human behavior towards particular advertisements or simply ads. I would like to categorize brand's communication of the ads for an individual in following categories:-

  1. Connector with audience ads
  2. Hazy in minds ads
  3. Situational memory remembrance ads
  4. Audible connector and visual connector ads
  5. Somewhat remember ads
  6. Completely lost ads

Let see what aforementioned categories in detail means.

Connector with audience ads

If we aggregate all the successful advertisements, we would find this point common among all the successful brands that communicated their message really well. But their is a catch, there is something which is special about some brands i.e connecting with audience. For instance, you've seen an advertisement you liked it a lot but didn't understand what that brand want to communicate, did it connected with you? Of course, it did that is why you liked it but something is still missing; the sweet spot of the brands message. Now coming back to the point "connector with audience" I would say this is the category which do connected with you but message are either clear or aren't clear, it may sound weird but in my upcoming points you will understand connotations.

Hazy in minds ads

This can be associated with many advertisements as well but probably this could be one's which had not a deeper impact on your minds but the art of storytelling is somewhat had kept it in your subconscious. You may find it difficult to recall but still you feel that either you have heard the story, watched the visuals or read the texts somewhere. This is something like OCD ads, which we try to recall but still feels hazy in remembering those, just like you studied the topic before, you have remembered it for a while but forgot during examination and couldn't recall unless you haven't seen it again, that's what hazy means.

Situational memory remembrance ads

You've seen that advertisement in past, heard it before but couldn't recall, this is bit different from hazy in mind ads - but how? Hazy in mind ads needs that visuals, audios and peripherals to recall but situational memory remembrance ads doesn't required it at all. In situational memory remembrance advertisements, if someone or you yourself remembers the advertisement by the situation, you're likely to recall it by that particular situation. For instance, you was talking something very romantic with your spouse and during that moment an advertisement displayed, with full adherence and consciousness you watched, read or heard that advertisement, the next time when that romantic memory floats in your mind or you re-create tthe same moment, you're likely to recall the advertisement as well because it has now became an integral association with your situational memory.

Audible connector and visual connector ads

Some advertisements works as an catalyst to reshape your conscious and subconscious and this is where an audible connector and visual connector ad falls. The word audible and visual itself proclaim its meaning, any advertisement whose audio or visual or both connects with you rather than message or audio, visuals or both reminds you of an ad than for you that ad had created an audible and visual connection. In the point one, this is what I wanted to convey - there you're connected with the whole story but here with an audio, visual or both at a time. For example, MacDonald's "I'm lovin it" jingle and the "M arch in the logo", they both are audibly, visually connected with our minds.

Somewhat remember ads

Not need to explain this type of ads - somewhat remember means we partially remembers few notions of that particular ads. For some brands whose communication had evolved a lot from time to time people perceive their earliest ads as somewhat remembers because the evolution in communication had transited beautifully, this is the positive side of this category. Also, the ads which people remembers a little bit falls under the same category. Small secret, successful brand communications wants you to remember their present ad not the past ad and that is why they evolve it beautifully without disrupting your memories, you can say transitional approach is the their weapon.

Completely lost ads

Do I need to tell this as well? If yes than, sorry I don't remember is what I can say because this is what a completely lost advertisement means. Simply stating, majority of ads falls in this category, we don't remember a single part of the advertisement because it had failed to fit in the above mentioned category for an individual. It can be a successful ads or unsuccessful ads, but degree to get filtered is quite subjective for an individual.

By now, I'm sure you would have understood how advertisement fits into your mind and this how it fits in the product category of your brain. So, when next time you see an advertisement just remember your brain will filter and fit into a aforementioned category.