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Some important issues faced by Women Entrepreneur in India

Some important issues faced by Women Entrepreneur in India

Friday February 15, 2019,

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We tend to believe that women in recent India is blooming high with their desirable life but a bitter fact remains same that in this patriarchal society, they are still struggling to find out the way to live on their terms and building career on her own. Here we are going to discuss some of those issues faced by women entrepreneur in India who wants to flourish as shining Business Consultants in the future.

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  • Finance Problem: Finance support is considered as the lifeblood for any entrepreneur, whether it is a big or small venture. However, women startup consultants suffer from a shortage of finance on the main two counts. Firstly, they do not generally have enough property on their mane that they can use them as collateral. So the fund always remains short for them. Secondly, the banks also consider women as less creditworthy and discourage them from borrowing on the belief that they can at any time leave their hold on business. In this situation, women entrepreneur are confined to rely on their own savings, if they already have any or loans from friends and relatives who are expected negligible and meager too. Thus women ventures eventually fail in the beginning due to having a shortage of financial support.
  • The scarcity of raw material: Most of the women entrepreneurs are plagued by a strong scarcity of raw materials and necessary inputs. Added to this situation, there are high prices of raw material, on other hands, getting raw materials at a minimum of discount is also a tough deal. The failure of so many women co-operative in 1971 engaged in basket making business is an example of how a scarcity of materials [puts death knell of enterprises run by women.
  •  Tough competition: In general women entrepreneur do not have organizational set-up in a lot of money for advertising or canvassing their business planning. Thus they need to face tough competition for marketing their service or products with both their male counterpart and organized sectors also to bloom as renowned business consultants. Such competition ultimately results in the liquidation of women enterprises.
  •  Mobility limitation: Unlike men entrepreneur, women mobility in India is very much limited due to several reasons. A single woman asking for a rented room still looked upon in a suspicious manner. Awkward practices involved in starting a venture coupled with the official degradation towards women compel them to give up the initial idea of starting something new.
  •  Family constraints: In India, it is mainly a woman’s responsibility to look after the children and another member of the family. A man plays only the secondary role in rearing up these duties. In the case of married women, she has to strike an immense balance between her work and family to run her venture. Her complete energy involved in the family leaves a little bit of time to devote to her own business. Approval and support of husbands seem necessary condition to thrive her dreams and enters to her business. Accordingly family background and educational level of partners positively influence women’s entry into any business venture.
  •  Lack of proper education: Still its fact that in India, around 60-65% of women are still illiterate. Illiteracy has been the root cause of the socio-economic problem of India. Due to a lack of education and that also qualitative education, women are losing awareness of bright business ventures, market knowledge and technologies also. Lack of education cause other so many problems to run the venture and eventually things get scrap after some time.