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Some recommendations for best travel app development!

Some recommendations for best travel app development!

Monday November 19, 2018,

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Have a travel agency? Sounds great!

Do not have a mobile travel app for the agency? Sound really bad!

Well, its better late than never. If you have don’t have but have decided to get one, you are doing it completely right.

But, Is this decision of making a travel app on point?

Indeed, on the off chance that you are thinking about mobiles as a home to more than billion of dynamic clients of mobile applications, you are making a keen move. Because more than 30% of the people spend time on good travel apps. Not at all bad!

Which are the existing travel apps?

There are many sorts of movement travel applications out there, the greater part of which are currently helping us in our movements, regardless of whether we know it or not. The fundamental versatile applications for the tourism business that we use for traveling are:

1. Trip Advisor

2. Go ibibo

3. Make my Trip

4. Trivago

5. Oyo Rooms

6. Uber & many more.

Fundamentally, your smartphone has everything that you’ll ever require on your excursion, regardless of which part of the world you are traveling. Best travel apps enable you to deal with your trip and make it as comfy as you want.

Travel App Development

What’s Next? Is just a travel app worthy of your business?

There are travel agencies that do not have clients unless it is seasonal. But with the rise in the use of mobile phones, the business owners have seen a drastic change. Travel app development has brought around an unmatched change in the tourism industry.

The agencies have got leads generated and those later getting converted to clients. So, making an app from the best travel app development company is all enough? NAAH!

What exclusive features the best travel app must have?

On the off chance that you wanted your travel app at a higher rank, where anyone & everyone could notice it, download it & use it. Here are some appealing highlights your travel app must have:

1. Search By & Filter By – While you have this feature in your app it can easily search & filter according to users budget, needs & facilities. Also, it can search according to the destination you wish to travel. E.g. hill stations, beaches etc.

2. Planner generator – As there is sample number of options available it always becomes difficult to plan your trip. With this feature, you simply need to enter the destination you wish to travel and it will plan the entire trip for you. Completely amazing right?

3. Geo & weather forecasting – Whether you wish to travel to a nearby place or some distinct place, the first thing you look at is the atmosphere & the distance. Thus this feature is another important part of the best travel app.

4. Multi-Language support – Not always necessary that your clients will understand or communicate in the language you do. So, if he/she does not find an option they are looking for it will be your bad!

5. Paisa converter – Switching to a different app to find out the rates of different currencies will be a drawback again. Your app should be able to keep a track of all the currencies. This feature will create a good impression as well. Little things make a huge difference.

6. Local & emergency contact information – Emergencies are uncertain. You never know what might happen when. Thus good travel app development companies in India make sure their app has the address & contact numbers in case of emergency, irrespective of the place you travel.

7. Wishlist saver & social media sharing – Destinations differ according to seasons & situations. Thus a good travel app will have this feature of a wish list, where you can always save places you wish to travel in future. Once finalized, a social media share is a MUST!

8. Cab services – A good travel app development company will always integrate this feature into the app. Cabs are the most needed while to travel. A good cab service like Ola & Uber can always be considered.

9. Reviews & Feedbacks – Allows your clients to share their thoughts about their trip. Be it good or a bad experience. This will always help you to improve and in turn will grow your business.

So, What’s your call?

Maybe all these features may not directly help, some features work as a catalyst! With the tourism at a hike, there is an N number of travel apps coming up. But these features for your custom travel app will surely help you stand first. We are a knowledgeable & experienced travel app development company & you are here at the correct time. Make a smart move!

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