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Success is the only option to prove yourselves

Patience and Hard-work, main ingredients to get success.

Success is the only option to prove yourselves

Monday January 21, 2019,

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I always toiled for achieving my goal and thus, never got any thought about others. Further, I surrounded myself with few trust worthy friends, with whom, I shared every aspect of my life . I always kept myself indulged with an eyes towards my goal for elevating myself, I didn't even attend any wedding ceremony. I rarely went and infact, today as well, go to my relative's house. Meanwhile, when I came out of my domain, then I realised, I have to work hard extensively. Moreover, over the period of time, I came across with many unanticipated things such as People had already given me different disappointing tags such as arrogant person and many more. For a bid, I was shocked & amazed, because who are they to judge me?

On what basis, they gave me such disappointing tags?

My parents are happy and I am satisfied with, what I am doing.

Besides, I am not doing misdeeds unlike many people, I am just studying in a room for my goal or for my parents. Despite that, they tried me to feel let down. However, I always remain assertive as well as determined, hence, I got no impact of such shallow things.

Gradually, I realized that some people will never understand the journey of achieving goal because they have narrow attitude, which breeds their thin outlook. They and their lips, merely wait to get some content, to make headlines. Furthermore, I understood, when you work-hard and madly focus on your goal then you never see anything, just your goal.

people will keep giving you such tags to demotivate you because in middle class society, most common thing is that people peep in other's matters rather focusing in their own life. They enjoy in doing such things. But, I have learnt myriad thing over the course of time i.e to become successful, first of all, one has to pass through such path of criticism and derogatory comments, which is an inevitable. Only success is the answer of such tags. Since, we usually listen that we are in 'Kalyug', where people care about outer things as well as outer appearance but I am a man of old thoughts and believe in making mansion rather than single room on shallow showoff. I don't care what other's are saying, What, I care is that, am I justifying with my soul & with the hopes of my parents ? that's matter a lot to me. So far, I have achieved everything in my life of which others usually crave whether it is of getting job of handsome salary or to qualify any prestigious exam, but my ultimate goal is still left and for which, I have been doing preparation as well as toiling round the clock. However, one question, always keep pinching me? 

Why do people expect from us? When we don't want anything from them.

Why they want something from other's life to make their day?

However, despite all such things, friends, I will say one-thing that life is one, you are one, your life must be dedicated for your parents or goal, please never waste your time in something useless stuffs or to impress others. Stay focused towards your goal, that must be your priority. Furthermore, I never believed in words rather I opine that success is the only option to shut the mouth of others. The day you will become successful, on that day, your whole life will be changed forever.

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