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Tips To Brand Your Company During Covid19 Times

Tips To Brand Your Company During Covid19 Times

Monday June 29, 2020,

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This pandemic has led the world on a standstill due to the coronavirus, and this pandemic has crippled the world. If we recall, there was a global financial crisis during the year 2008, and people were facing adverse situations in the workplace, and most of the brands do not hit the business as they are a bit wary of the fact that their business will fail. There are many brands in the aviation, e-commerce, hospitality, oil and gas, and food business. These are few sectors that received a complete downfall due to the pandemic. But one needs to study the behavioural aspect of the companies and consumers, resulting in the lockdown. There are few tips that the branding companies should know, and that can transform the branding and promotional measures that create the brand value trust and recognition in the consumers that help in the growth and regain their growth post Covid19 era. 

Here are some pointers :

Covid19 is an outward gear for some companies that means companies are ready to plunge into the new challenges 

The surge in the e-commerce industry that includes groceries and food items 

One thing prevalent in the minds of the consumers during Covid19 is the food essentials are most branded item in the e-commerce industry. This transitional journey was complete metamorphosis for many companies. Though, many brands are moving into automation, AI-based customer engagement, and APIs. It is again essential to access the technology enhancement of the company to create the brand value One study conducted by razor pay - one of the leading payment gateway says that there is a 9% surge in grocery stores and that it requires brand presence. 

So, here PR companies are coming up with new ideas and branding strategies that apply to all the companies and also prove to be effective. There are many perfect branding and implementation strategies during the Covid19 phase. 

Branding Strategies That Has Transformed During COVID 19 Phase 

Many branding entities have moved towards innovative branding strategies to mark their presence on the online digital media. Here are below:

  • Webinars 
  • Videos 
  • Short Videos 
  • Digital Conferencing 
  • Joining Various Entertainment Platforms 

Branding Amidst Work From Home - Paving the way for Digital Conferencing 

When branding is online, and all are working from home, and when we speak about branding again, we need to target niche audiences. Post Covid19 era, many companies have moved down to digital conferencing such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WebEx and Government of India has also issued guidelines regarding usage of the video calling and not to misuse it. Here, one can brand its entity and let people know what products or services they provide to the customers. Many OTT platforms have also marked their presence during Covid19 times, and people have even seen a video on demand - VOD. For the conferencing video, you are connected officially and a pop up of anything that promotes your website or product or service. You can make your video conferencing into a marketing campaign. It is the easiest way to drive sales with the brand's core value and message hidden in the attack. The leads and sales are driven through the dynamic content and branding strategy. It would be best if you focused on the various social media channels, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Your communication needs to be clear, and the core audience has to be segregated before. 

Kanupriya Jain - UpQuest

Kanupriya Jain, Co-Founder UpQuest Communications quips that developing strategic partnerships is essential, and without the development of the relation with the high returns shouldn't be expected. She also adds blogging is the most cost-effective way of communication, and it also helps in developing relationship as we live in the age of barter and we need to reduce advertising costs. Through advertising,

colossal traffic generated through an appropriate blog that covers your niche area and expertise. 

One more way to promote is to use industry calendar 

Market your conference or your webinar with the industry calendar though it won't have many privileges. It will add some information regarding the upcoming events. And one can also tip-in for the Internet Forums and Using Local Listings. 

Another critical point is free versus paid promotion 

It would be best to use your expertise as the branding expert in regards to the marketing channels. During the video conferencing option, one should consider both the versions of paid Vs. Non paid promotions. Always keep in mind that you can advertise your company enormously on a free basis as well. But again, the strategy should be clear cut and attainable. The best thing for you to achieve is to have a broad audience for lead generation and sales purposes. 

With this, Kanupriya says the new branding spree should always be viewed on the 360-degree approach in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic. Next in line is the options for branding.