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Tips for eCommerce Web Development to Improve Sales

Vital eCommerce Web Development Tips for Small Businesses

Tips for eCommerce Web Development to Improve Sales

Wednesday February 19, 2020,

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Tips for eCommerce Web Development to Improve Sales of a Small Business

An eCommerce website is very beneficial for small businesses since the number of people using smartphones and online shopping apps. is on the rise. As more people begin to trust the online payment method, it is vital to develop an eCommerce website for your business. Besides which, it is also beneficial for exclusively online stores to optimize their online shopping cart to attract more visitors and improve the conversion rate. This article lists several tips for small businesses to help improve their sales.

Vital eCommerce Web Development Tips for Small Businesses

●     All the features being developed for the eCommerce website should keep the end-user (customer) in mind.


●     Good design decisions vital to convert potential customers and improve the rate of conversion.


●     Ensure the visitor has a good user experience


●     Usability testing is a must, especially for an eCommerce Website, hence if you are not satisfied with the user experience it is best to get a second opinion.


●     The best website design is one that is simple yet a visual treat along with all the bells & whistles.


●     Being upfront about the features and pricing of your products will help build consumer confidence.


●     Every website has a unique design and features, however, the focus should not shift from the main aim of making the products the center of attention. It is best for your design to not include many features that can be distracting.


●     High-quality product images and going out of the way to add additional features like 3D view, or photo upload to check design can be very beneficial.


●     Other important features of a website include reviews & testimonials as well as a good navigation menu. The navigational menu needs to be easy to find and easy to understand, especially for a site with a wide range of products.

Selecting a Good Web Development Firm  

A good web development firm can help transform your business into a successful one. Divwy Technologies is one of the leading web development firms. We understand the importance of good website design and the features that every eCommerce website is must-have. We design a website to make the process of searching and buying the products as easily and stress-free as possible. It is important to advertise your products and store however if the visitors are not impressed by your website they will simply browse to another one.


We have a professional team of website developers with the expertise to develop stunning websites. They make use of all the state of the art resources available to them to develop eCommerce websites that are both effective help increase the customer base.


The eCommerce market is booming and several online retail stores are benefiting from this. As more people are now using smartphones and computers to shop online it is also essential for the brick and mortar stores to have an eCommerce store of their own. Divwy Technologies is one of the leading eCommerce web development firms with the expertise to develop stunning websites and ensure it is developed in a professional manner such that it is beneficial to a small business.