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Tips to Lead Remote Teams and Maintain Productivity

Work smart and reap the best despite the lockdown. Read on to know productivity hacks and tips for remote teams to maintain productivity during this global crisis.

Tips to Lead Remote Teams and Maintain Productivity

Thursday June 25, 2020,

5 min Read

“Settle the unsettled times with productivity hacks and shout out the victory”

Search engines have been attacking with questions like How to lead or manage a remote team and maintain the productivity during COVID-19 in their search box since the entry of dreadful coronavirus.

Its answer is what the most team leads, managers, businesses, entrepreneurs searching for during this lockdown due to this global crisis.

If you are reading this, I guess you are searching for the same.

Am I right?.

Okay. Let’s not waste the time instead let us jump to the productivity hacks.

Managing a COMPLETE remote team and maintaining the same outcome with no change in the number of deliverables and timings of deadlines amid unprofessional workplace.

How it sounds?.

It’s really tougher than we think it would be.

As an executive or entrepreneur, you need to face different challenges.

However, every problem has a solution. A single solution for this is to stay connected to your remote teams to be productive.

Here are some tips to follow to lead your teams and maintain productivity.

#1: Your assumptions won’t work. Provide Resources!

Don’t assume that everyone will have everything. It’s your onus as a manager to provide your team with essential equipment such as laptops/desktops, software, mobile devices, etc. Ensure they have great access to the internet connection at their homes.

Brief them about how the projects should be prioritized, the work can be shared within the teams, and how to stick to the deadlines and goals.

#2: Leverage technology and tools into the remote work

With the right set of tools, businesses can be more productive. Use communication and collaboration tools like

  • MailTrim for Email management
  • Troop Messenger for Instant messaging and remote team collaboration.
  • Cattle Call for Videoconferencing, meetings, webinars, training, webcasting, etc.
  • Time Dynamo for Time management and
  • Troop CRM for Task management

This COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to be continued as there is uncertainty in daily cases. So, we need to continue the WFH (Work From Home) system for a few more months.

As per the current scenario, the work is not location-dependant. So, HRs can tap into talent by recruiting multi-regional employees. Moreover, you have video conferencing tools to hire new employees and train them. Thus, you can manage your HR department without hassles.

Use a secured email client for communication with your clients as this isolation period may open more doors to security breaches and cybercrimes.

#3: Communicate with your teams face-to-face... Agenda: No business, No work report... just communicate

Once in a week, gather all your team virtually and communicate with them on general aspects like how the work was going, are they facing any issues while working, how was the schedule, need to implement anything new to ease the work while maintaining the productivity or ask them to explore their ideas.

Be aware of everyone and encourage them to be healthy and happy. Have fun with your teams. Motivate them. Communicate more rather than instant messaging. Because sometimes, the tone is misinterpreted while reading the text.

#4: Track the outcome not the activity

You have already helped your teams with how to prioritize their time nd stick to the deadlines. Give the flexibility of timings to your remote teams. During this situation, your team will be going through a lot of things at home (of course, everyone including you). Don’t much focus on their timings rather focus on results.

#5: Identify performance glitches

Though you give flexibility, it doesn’t mean that they can become loggerheads. Identify irregularities that is a roadblock to your team productivity. You will find out these while measuring the outcomes.

#6: Keep an eye on cybersecurity

As an executive or manager, don’t overlook safeguarding your company data, VPNs of your remote teams, and the meeting that is done through different virtual tools. Have cybersecurity insurance for your company.

#7: Life happens...Leisure helps

Here are some tips for remote teams:

  • Remove distractions: Though WFH offers flexibility and liberty, employees may have distractions at home, especially for female employees. Remove distractions, prioritize timings, set a schedule and stick to it.

  • Plan Everything: Set a dedicated time for home chores so that you can prioritize the office work. Set a planned break.

  • Knowledge Transfer: Get proper data collection for the project you are going to deal with. It eliminates the repetition and mistakes in the assigned work.

  • Stay aligned to goals and deadlines.

  • Be Healthy: Prioritize your health both physical and mental. Do some exercises and yoga to keep yourself fit and healthy. Take a break in between while working. Take enough rest. Of course, your commute time can be compensated for leisure. You can be more creative if you are healthy.

#8: Trust your team and be confident in your strategies

Get your team on board with these tips!. Bridge the gap virtually with the blend of your intellect and integration of remote-friendly tech stack.

As an entrepreneur, motivate yourself to lead your way and roll out a policy of “Better days are coming”.

Wrapping Up:

Embrace the change. Go with the flow. Because life is always changing.

I bet you will never run out of your time if you follow these tips for remote teams and forget not to mention your tips also.

Let us grow together.

Have a good day!