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Top 10 AI Development Companies

Best 10 AI Development Companies across the globe that help businesses in various domain optimize their activities using RPA and machine learning. Mentioned companies develop AI enabled business models that will stimulate and enhance business efficiency and profitability.

Top 10 AI Development Companies

Friday November 30, 2018,

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1. Amazon

The online retail giant applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to improve both their products and services. Amazon Echo is one of their most popular AI-based products that use an intelligent personal assistant named Alexa. After acquiring Kiva, a robotics company in 2012, Amazon implemented a Machine Learning algorithm to automate their packaging and picking process.  This brought down their ‘Click to ship’ cycle to just 15 minutes, thereby reducing operating costs by about 20% while improving inventory capacity by around 50%. The company also uses Machine Learning technology to identify workflows and enhance their customer interactions. Amazon also has a cloud computing division, called the Amazon Web Services, which offers Artificial Intelligence services. With many AI and ML projects in their bucket, Amazon is one among the top AI companies to work for.

2. IBM

IBM has been a leader in the field of AI since the early 1950s. Its efforts these days are around IBM Watson, such as an AI-based cognitive service, Artificial Intelligence software as a service, and scale-out systems designed for delivering cloud-based analytics & AI services. It too has been acquisitive, purchasing three Artificial Intelligence startups in recent years.

Watson is IBM’s most well-known AI projects. IBM’s Watson division is focused on developing cloud-based AI technologies for their own products and other organizations. The technology has been used in several spheres including cancer research & retail. IBM is investing heavily in developing their Artificial Intelligence capabilities for a wide range of use cases from self-driving cars to hospitality.

3. Accubits Technologies Inc

Accubits Technologies is a global solution provider enabling enterprises to apply AI technologies in their business context. Headquartered in Virginia, USA,  Accubits technologies has its development offices in India and Dubai. Their service portfolio is extended to various industries such as healthcare, automobile, communications, retail, banking, real estate, hospitality, finance, utilities, logistics, education and media. In 2016, Accubits have opened a research lab for AI and Blockchain technologies in India to empower and engage the developer community to build better solutions and protocols in AI as well as Blockchain. They have open sourced several AI services like liver cancer detection service, signature forgery detection services etc in their AI portal. They have launched several AI products to help organizations to streamline their business process. Emotix is a product developed by Accubits, which is used by several shopping malls across Indonesia to streamline the strategy based on collective emotion of in-store customers. Salestron is another product in retail sector which helps business owners with inventory management through intelligent solutions.

4. Banjo

Raising over $100 million last year, Banjo makes use of an AI to comb through social media and identify real-time events and situations that are vital to its partners. The startup was developed after the Boston Marathon bombing occured in 2013 as a way for companies to analyze social media to make smarter decisions, move faster, and change the way they understand and interact with people around the world.

5. CloudMinds

CloudMinds has developed what it calls as an end-to-end cloud intelligence (CI) system called Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence (HARI) platform for robots. CI is different from AI in that it combines machines with humans intelligence rather than treating them as separate entities. This allows the robot to be controlled by human beings. It also offers the Mobile Intranet Cloud Services (MCS), that provides information security for remote robot control.

6. Wehubs (Singapore, India & USA)

The AI development firm processes the information, relegate weights to it to deliver results in view of different elements. Such a redevelopment to the way they work will guarantee that office spaces adjust considerably more intimately with representative working propensities, boosted commitment, joint effort, and prosperity. The more information you pass on through a neural system, the more quick-witted it actually gets. Constant data will likewise enable organizations to convey the specialist encounter that best suits each individual need.

7. Zombie Soup (USA & Europe)

Despite the fact that we’re as yet a couple of years from PCs & programming that show general intelligence over many areas, Top AI developers presently serenely beat human laborers at particular assignments. Patterns, for instance, adaptable working or decreased available time shouldn’t be approached with a one-measure fits-all approach, rather the ascent of AI will make every representative happier, casual and at last more gainful. In the bustling booked way of life, almost all feels entangled to look for the particular errand utilizing the hand rather than the voice-based inquiry which will make work simpler.

8. BotsCrew

Taking its roots from Ukraine, this pretty young team of professionals has opened offices in UK and Australia. Specialized in Artificial Intelligence chatbot development, the company provides a full-package service: UX design, chatbots analytics, admin panels, integrations, a post-release chatbot training and maintenance. Working with both start-ups & enterprises, they develop for the law, customer service, eCommerce, healthcare, real estate and travel industries. BotsCrew is also involved into Internet of Things (IoT) chatbots and Voice Assistant development.

9. Sigmoidal

Sigmoidal has quite a noble goal – to advance & automate (where possible) the inside and outside processes of medium-sized companies. Using sixty years of research in Artificial Intelligence sphere, the company is able to deliver solutions for Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand a human-language text, computer vision to detect & classify image and video, and predictive analytics to forecast the market, product sales, etc. Being in business as an Artificial Intelligence development company only for two years, Sigmoidal has already achieved significant goals in trading, finance and pharma industries. Their AI algorithms can be used to collect data, produce insights & find correlations in data, create human-sounding, readable reports.

10. Unicsoft

Having predicted the rise of Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence, Unicsoft from the early start has focused on these two technologies. The company has successfully completed around 120 projects aiding in accelerating businesses. Initially, from Ukraine, their HQ has been placed to Scotland, working with clients from USA, UK, Germany and Israel. With competitive price rates & quality services, the team keeps going in the direction of Artificial Intelligence development. Unicsoft has proven its experience in automotive, financial, advertising/marketing, media, healthcare and retail industries.