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Top 10 Pharma News Portal in India

Today we bring you a list of Top 10 Pharma News Portal in India

Top 10 Pharma News Portal in India

Monday February 18, 2019,

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1.    Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 

The first in our list of Top 10 Pharma News Portal in India

in India is Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences started way back in 1939. Formerly known as Indian Journal of Pharmacy, It is a bimonthly English-medium peer-reviewed open-access medical journal. From 2016 onwards it has been published on behalf of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association by OMICS International.

2.    Pharmabiz

Pharmabiz is a popular online news portal as well as news weekly launched on December 21, 2000, focused on Indian and South Asian markets.

3.    99 Pharma & Chemical

99 Pharma & Chemical is one of several newspapers published by 99 business newspapers. It is a 50 to 70 page long Monthly Journal that is based on Chemical, Pharma, Scientific, Medical, Bio-Chemical, Surgical & Laboratory Equipments, Products, Materials & Market etc. 99 Pharma & Chemical Business Newspapers often has over 1200 classifieds of such products and is of great use as a link between these producer goods and their consumers. =

You can follow the link to subscribe to the newspaper or to advertise with them. The subscription will have to be of at least one year and it takes 15 to 25 days for them to start the subscription.

4.    International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars

International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars or IJPRS is a journal dedicated to bringing fresh ideas to the knowledge of pharma community by basing themselves on scholarly research topics and their research-based articles are one of the best and they contain scholarly reviews to short communication to case studies. The journal is published every quarter - that is in months of January, April, July, and October. If you wish to publish your research in India, IJPRS is the dream-place to do so in.

The journal is open-source and free information based. Thus you can download and use any information and journal. You can use statics quoted in their articles or any pieces of information without any qualms.

5.    Medical Darpan

Medical Darpan Publication House was established in 1997. It was the very first publishing house of India to represent the Pharma industry. Medical Darpan has a nation-wide readership base of 2.5 lacs spread through the country. It caters to them by publishing pharma journals by names of:

1.   Medical Darpan

2.   Pharma News

3.   Pharma Darpan

4.    Advance Drug Reckoner (ADR) - drug index

You can demand their complimentary copy to have an idea of how good their journal is. You can also read their epapers

You can subscribe to their journals for a period of 3 years after paying Rs 250 fee directly into their Punjab National Bank a/c. Check their website to know about their bank details.

6.    Reddit Pharma

Reddit Pharma is an amazing online Pharma community section for discussion of all pharma related subjects with pharma professionals from all over the world. They have over one lakh Facebook fans and over 5 lakh twitter followers.

7.    Pharma Focus Asia Blog

Maintained by Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd., it focuses on the Asian pharma industry – its trends, developments etc.

8.    Tosc Pharma Blog

Based in New Delhi, India, Tosc is WHO GMP Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Facility. It maintains a regular blog with about 3 posts per month.

9.    Pharmaceutical Microbiology

It aims to provide an overview of microbiology related news, developments, opinion, theories, and facts. The blog deals with the latest microbiology news, updates to international standards, training, GMP and regulatory compliance, book reviews and so on. 8 posts per week.

10.  Orange Biotech

This Ambala based company maintains a blog and avails a lot of pharma products


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