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Top 5 Best Event & Promotions Feedback Software in 2019

Event feedback software helps in reviewing one’s progress dynamically and shapes the productivity of an enterprise or brand. Decoding the customers’ responses can open the floodgates for innovations and ideas and lend a hand in organizational progress.

Top 5 Best Event & Promotions Feedback Software in 2019

Monday September 09, 2019,

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Feedback is one of the most vital tools that reciprocates consumer behavior. Such reciprocation in the field of event and promotions can toggle the way an enterprise functions. Owing to technology such malfunctions are easy to deal with with an event feedback software. A repository of consumer behavior via feedback supports the necessary predictive analysis to read the client's or customer’s needs. Eventually, it provides a better sense of market dynamics.

An event feedback system helps in reviewing one’s progress dynamically and shapes the productivity of an enterprise or brand. Decoding the customers’ responses can open the floodgates for innovations and ideas and lend a hand in organizational progress.

Here are the Top 5 and the Best Event and Promotions Feedback Software of 2019.


piHappiness has some of the best features an event feedback software can offer. Deciphering the audience’s and clients’ thoughts about the events and promotions becomes easier with the live pre-event surveys which help in improving attendee's satisfaction during the main event. The event feedback system from piHappiness ensures optimum feedback through its multi-channel support which helps in operating the event feedback app through various devices with different OS.

Moreover, it gives users the ability to set up feedback systems at multiple locations for multiple events to compare satisfaction, attendance, etc. Real-time notifications for assessing core attendee insights, multilingual support, and the ability to create comprehensive analytical and summary reports are also very prominent features offered by the piHappiness event feedback system.

Leveraging piHappiness for improving events and promotions is, perhaps, one of the most convenient processes any user can get from all the event feedback software available in the marketplace. piHappiness comes out on the top because of its flexibility, ability to handle multiple tasks, and instant analytics.


Review, Webchat, and Interaction Platform are the three top products offered by Podium. Review offers cloud-based event feedback software experience via various products on its platform. It allows sending an invitation to customers, respond to the given and download the reports on customer feedback.

Webchat ensures high customer engagement by allowing conversation with the reviewers making it the best feedback software for events and promotions.

Interaction Platform enables a comprehensive collection of feedbacks from all social media platforms. With the help of this product, podium helps aggregate feedback from various websites allowing it to provide a wholesome experience.


Qualtrics collects the feedback via surveys which are customizable according to the needs of the enterprise making it most suitable for promotions and events. The functionality to be accessed from absolutely any device makes it an inbuilt event feedback app and enhances its efficacy. It allows for having branched questions, making the survey more personalized.

Qualtrics also has the facility of sample templates, which makes it a robust feedback software for events and promotions. Its feature of Text IQ pulls up texts from the open-ended conversation and adds them to the repository. This ensures not single feedback is left behind.


By consolidating customer reviews for an event or promotion from email, chats or social media, Zendesk boasts of being one of the most holistic event and promotion feedback software. Promotions feedback system enabled by Zendesk offers a range of metrics to help evaluate the feedback.

It has inbuilt features that allow analyzing the feedback based on certain parameters that are most required in cases of events and promotions like understanding the purpose of the event, connecting with taglines, rating the advertisements, etc. Customization is available in Zendesk for making it more user-friendly. One can go for the free trial of the software to get a hold of its performance.


Quoting Intelligence InMoment is a data-oriented feedback system. With the help of data intelligence, it can aid in filling the gaps in the existing feedback system for events and promotions. It collects feedback via voice and video apart from the text. Dynamic reports and analysis add an attractive tag to the software for the users too.

Voice of Customer and Closed Loop feature of InMoment facilitates a conversation between the customer and the enterprise, ultimately improving on the events. The facility to access the data from any device makes it an efficient event feedback app. Events and promotions often get haphazard and InMoment is best in tackling arbitrary data.


Before choosing any software for better event management, it is imperative that the organizers go through the scale, requirements, and the amount of promotions needed for their events. This ultimately helps in filtering out tasks and automating them through an efficient event feedback system. The aforementioned software are the best options to choose from for improving your capabilities and elevating the attendee satisfaction for your events.