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Top 5 Best Retail & Shopping Feedback Software in 2019

Data related to customer demographics is a crucial aspect of feedback management. Therefore, it would be wise to go for piHappiness retail feedback software that enables the generation of demographics report.

Top 5 Best Retail & Shopping Feedback Software in 2019

Thursday September 12, 2019,

5 min Read

Whether it is a brick-and-mortar traditional establishment, or an online e-commerce platform, customer reviews and feedback, without a doubt, are integral to business success. Many top-of-the-line innovations and structural changes that global business houses like eBay or Amazon introduce, result from extensive client feedback. But customer feedback for retail businesses usually comes in the form of scattered, raw Big Data, which requires a clean-up process to gain real-time, actionable insights. This is where feedback software gets into play.

To help you have happy customers, and to give you a competitive edge over other organizations, here are 2019’s top 5 retail feedback software

1. piHappiness

A one-stop feedback management system, piHappiness facilitates the easy collection of customer feedback via diverse channels such as Web, SMS, Tablet, QR codes, E-mail, and also Kiosk. Within 30 seconds, businesses can get core insights and actionable analytics about the captured customer data through a range of metrics, including Dynamic Questionnaire, Reasons, Emoticons, and Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

One of the unique piHappiness functionalities is that both customers and the management can receive notifications in real-time about updates. Other top features of the industry-leading feedback system include -

●       Multi-Channel Data Collection

●       Inbuilt Analytics

●       Advanced Knowledge and Feedback Management

●       Client Demographics Illustration

●       Custom Demographic Report Generation

●       Precise Trend Analysis

●       Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) to Detect Customer Satisfaction

●       Web and Tab Interface

●       24x7 Availability

Buzzing with bright features, piHappiness is 2019’s most sought-after retail and shopping feedback software used by business houses across the globe.  

Data related to customer demographics is a crucial aspect of feedback management. Therefore, it would be wise to go for piHappiness retail feedback software that enables the generation of demographics report. Advanced knowledge processing and trend analysis capabilities are also vital, which will help you streamline and supercharge the feedback system.  

2. InMoment


InMoment customer feedback software specializes in experience intelligence (XI). Incorporating data science, the software's high-level XI Platform leverages advanced analytics to deliver deep insights into feedback management processes.

Using data from the entire market spectrum, the all-inclusive retail and shopping feedback software bridges the gaps between various feedback systems.

The feedback software’s one-of-a-kind Active Listening Technologies, Closed Loop and Voice of Customer features ensure more meaningful engagements between enterprises and customers.

InMoment retail feedback software, facilitating the assessment of customer behavioral patterns, analysis of ruling trends, and monitoring of conversations, incorporates an array of benefits, which include -

●       Location-based Recommendations

●       Personalized Coaching

●       Real-time Automated Alerts

●       Customizable Dashboard

●       Role-based Reporting

●       Active Listening, Text, Voice, and Video

●       Speedy Video Transcription

●       Advanced Text Analytics

●       Complete Web Feedback

●       Case Management

InMoment boosts real-time decision-making capabilities, as users can access the feedback software’s actionable intelligence anytime, anywhere, on any platform.   

3. Zendesk

Accessible on every channel, the best-in-class retail feedback system merges client interactions from various platforms, including social media, chat, phone, and email into one place. 

Helping users consolidate customer data, Zendesk makes tracking, analyzing, and responding to conversations a lot simpler. Some of the most powerful features that Zendesk retail feedback software includes are -

●       Agile Ticket Management

●       Automated Workflow

●       Ai-powered Bot

●       Advanced Analytics and Robust Reporting

●       Knowledge-based Portal

●       Community Forums

●       Android, iPad, and iPhone Support

●       Seamless Web, Phone, and Social Media Integration

Zendesk feedback software’s wide-cut customization options make it ideal for enterprises of all sizes.   

 4. Podium  


Podium customer feedback software facilitates the collection of 15X more reviews from various online platforms, which helps businesses make informed, business-critical decisions.

Responding to feedback is hassle-free, as users can access all relevant data from a single screen. This enables full control over customer interactions and provides users with superior methods to heighten engagements. 

Besides featuring a user-friendly dashboard and offering support over iOS and Android apps, Podium integrates the following features -

●       Multi-channel Feedback Generation

●       Online Feedback and Review Management

●       Engagement Analytics

●       Robust Operation Management

●       Social Media Integration

Leveraging the power of automation, Podium’s tailor-made retail feedback system is perfect for big and small businesses. 

5 Qualtrics


Regarded as one of the most agile customer experience (CX) management platforms, Qualtrics uses an intelligence engine, known as the iQ, to pull out deep insights related to customer feedback and experience. 

The retail feedback system allows enterprises to generate customer feedback through multiple channels, including email triggers, surveys, advanced logic, and embedded data. The system’s intuitive and custom dashboard gives a centralized picture of all channels.

Key features that make Qualtrics interesting are -

●       Role-based Customizable Dashboards

●       Visibility to Crucial Metrics

●       Automated Respondent Management

●       Seamless Ticketing Management

●       Augmented CX Solutions

Powering the world's leading brands, Qualtrics retail and shopping feedback software allows quick response to key moments throughout a customer’s journey.