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Top 5 Jobs on the Canada Skilled Occupation List in 2019

Top 5 Jobs on the Canada Skilled Occupation List in 2019

Thursday September 12, 2019,

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Migrating to Canada is one experience that exposes you to a quality of living that is unmatched by the country from where you are planning to migrate from along with your family. Since relocation not only needs a home which you can call your own but also a suitable job that fits your profile in a perfect manner. For this we want to acquaint you with some of the best jobs on the Canada Skilled Occupation list, helping you know which job pathway for you to take. After all a job offer from a verified Canadian employer opens a doorway of showcasing your job potential in a channelized manner. Another perk you get with a skilled occupation of your choice is the chance to become a permanent resident of an immigrant friendly nation.

If permanent residency is what you aspire for, then we have multiple PR pathways to welcome you. One of the very popular one is the Canada Express entry program, which grants you an Invitation for Canada PR based on you getting a minimum of 65 points or more on the Canada point system. An alternative pathway are the Canada PNP programs for popular Canadian provinces, wherein prospective candidates are nominated based on whether their chosen occupation falls in the list of high or in-demand occupations on the Canada Skilled Occupation List of the province they are interested in applying for.

Here are the top 5 jobs that have made it to the Canada Skilled Occupation List in 2019

1.     Nurse Practitioners

Nurses as well as physician assistants and midwives are required in places like hospital, a community clinic or a birthing center owing to expanding healthcare in Canada. You could be employed for conducting anything from administering vaccinations to delivering babies as your primary job duty.

2.     Dentist

With a high paying salary, the profession of dentistry is in demand in Canada, owing to their expertise in treating teeth related disorders, and keeping your mouth healthy by diagnosing and treating any tooth related disease. In the past 5 years the demand for dentists has risen to 63%.

3.      Utilities Manager

If there is any problem or issue related to Water, electrical power or natural gas, these managers resolve them with ease and expertise.  Be it public or private sector utilities managers are the ones who supervise facilities, plants, and distribution systems.  As per the government of Canada there will be 3,100 new jobs for manufacturing and utilities managers through 2024.

4.     Power System Electricians

Light switch not working? Well, with a power electrician at your service, there is nothing to be worried about, as these professionals are experts when it comes to install, maintain, test and repair the equipment involved in keeping the power supply and electricity grid running.

5.     Mining and Quarrying Supervisor

A Supervisor for mining and quarrying is the one who is involved in overseeing workers who are involved in extracting coal, minerals and ore from the ground. Also, they might operate heavy machinery, monitor workers’ safety and do administrative work like getting the materials and supplies ordered. Such is the demand for this occupation that there has a been a 29% rise in its popularity in the last five years.

For more information on the high demand jobs on the Canada Skilled Occupation list, you can connect with our certified immigration consultants.

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