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Top 6 Tools for Your Nature Instagram

Nature is stunning, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like looking at a dragonfly up close, a majestic waterfall pouring over a cliff, or powerful animals commanding their natural habitats.

Top 6 Tools for Your Nature Instagram

Monday December 24, 2018,

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Nature Instagram
Nature Instagram

Nature is stunning, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like looking at a dragonfly up close, a majestic waterfall pouring over a cliff, or powerful animals commanding their natural habitats. Most people, however, do not live in places where they regularly see such things, so they turn to resources like National Geographic to get their nature fix. Nature magazines and websites aren't’ the only options, though—they also turn to Instagram.

Instagram is chock-full of images, perhaps more so than any other social media platform. Its picture-and-video heavy nature means that it’s perfect for posting about incredible plants, animals, and landscapes. This opportunity means, though, that numerous accounts are posting similar content. Are you a nature Instagrammer, or a hopeful one? If so, here are a few tools that will help your channel stand out from the crowd and encourage people to follow your particular perspective on nature:


Snapseed is an efficient photo editing tool for IOS and Android. If you’re going to post about nature, then you need top-notch photography. People live in a world where they expect pictures of wildlife and biomes to be well-lit, dynamic, and colorful. National Geographic set the bar high, which means that posting ordinary iPhone pictures of the creek that’s next to your backyard isn’t going to cut it. Photography should enhance nature’s beauty, not mute it. Snapseed can make your photos look crisper and give them a more professional finish.


Videos are crucial to nature-oriented media alongside photographs. People love to watch clips of lions chasing their prey or poison dart frogs leaping through the air. Video is how you show nature in motion—but again, using only your phone camera will probably not be enough. Your video won’t turn out very well if there are all sorts of shadows and a lack of clarity that detract from your subject.

Many nature photographers and videographers use professional equipment to capture their moments, but once everything is loaded onto your device so you can post it to Instagram, use Clipper to make your videos look more stylish. You can arrange clips in a different order (which is helpful for when you are trying to tell a narrative or did not film something sequentially) and even add music. Instagram users are more likely to engage with content that stimulates multiple senses.

Instagram Hyperlapse

While nature is exciting, not everything happens at the speed of lightning. It’s still worth showing off, of course, but people probably do not have the patience to watch a flower bloom in real-time. With Instagram Hyperlapse, you can create time-lapse videos and condense longer events into more viewable timeframes. You’d be hard pressed to find someone willing to watch a 12-hour video of the moon moving across the sky online—but people will definitely be interested in watching the same thing happen if it takes less than a minute.


Kapwing is a startup that offers excellent video tools for Instagram content creators. If you film your explorations with an external camera and upload them to your desktop or phone later, it can be challenging to format files so that they fit on Instagram. Kapwing can help you resize your videos for both Instagram posts (1:1) and stores (16:9) without sacrificing quality. You can also trim video length, add subtitles, sound effects, and text (your audience might be quicker to play videos that look like memes). You don’t need to have professional video editing software experience to use Kapwing, and it’s completely free unless you want to remove a small brand watermark.


While content is integral to any social media strategy, each platform necessitates a significant amount of additional work that has more to do with attracting attention than being creative. On Instagram, expanding your audience means you need to follow people, like other users’ posts, respond to comments, post at optimized times, and more. This process can be an ordeal—who has time to comment on dozens of other videos when you have content to produce?—but you can buy real Instagram followers and likes with SocialSteeze. All the followers are real people, SocialSteeze simply uses automated targeting techniques to help you reach your audience faster than you could manually.


Unless you want to spend time on Instagram every day, Plann enables you to schedule posts ahead of time. You can also plan your feed’s visuals before you publish (when people look at your profile, you want all of your images and videos to look good next to each other). In addition, Plann provides you with insights into how well your posts are performing and which of your strategies are most effective so that you can adjust your efforts according to what works and what doesn’t.

The internet makes witnessing the wonders of nature more accessible. If you are trying to manage a nature-oriented Instagram account, what tools will you use to build your online presence?

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