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Top Delivery Management Softwares in 2019

Are you looking for delivery management software? Check out these top lists that help you to manage your delivery based businesses more efficiently.

Top Delivery Management Softwares in 2019

Thursday March 07, 2019,

5 min Read

Top Delivery Management Softwares in 2019


1. About the Product

ManageTeamz is a On demand delivery management software that focus on every step of your delivery operations. It's unique and powerful features helps to track and manage your deliveries at your convenience. ManageTeamz help you to reduce your delivery time & cost and makes your delivery based businesses more efficient. Industries serve : Courier Delivery, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Gift & Cake Delivery, Medicine Delivery, Logistic delivery and more.

2. Features:

·        Accurate Location Tracking

·        Single Pickup - MultiDelivery

·        MultiPickup - Multidelivery

·        Turn On & Off tracking control from web admin

·        GEO fencing

·        Electronic Proof of Delivery

3. Founded: 2010

4. Country : India

5. Price : 10$ Driver/Month

6. Free Trial : Yes

7. Support : Online, Business Hours, Email, Live chat

Client Review:

They listen to customers and add features. That’s the deal breaker comparing with other delivery software. I wanted a Multi pickup / Multi delivery customized with my Order API’s as we are running 40+ delivery agents picking up from 5+ restaurants. All integration was all done in just two weeks.  Awesome team.


1. About the Product

DelivAgent is a cloud-based solution committed to delivering quick turnaround time for businesses looking to offer impeccable and timely appointment services to its clients; pickup and delivery services seeking to streamline their process of pick-up and delivery; taxi companies who want to improve the efficiency of their services by using task management software, field force management companies looking to efficiently assign tasks and monitor their field agents, while keeping customers updated to remove any ambiguities. Our cloud solution will enable you streamline your business solutions in a way that you make your employees, customers and you happy.

2. Features :

·        Manage Appointments

·        Field Workforce

·        Pickup & Delivery

·        Logistics management

·        Task management

·        Receive and Manage Multiple Tasks

3. Founded Year: 2014

4. Country : USA

5. Price : Pay Per Task  - $0.1 / Month,  Pay Per Agent  $8 /Month

6. Free Trial : Yes - 14 Days Free Trial

7. Support : Online, Business Hours

Client Review:

We are using Deliv Agent for my company and I am using it for task management and resource management. We are using all the features of it and it quite simple to use and I am getting 24/7 support from Deliv Agent technical team. Now, we are paper less origination.


1. About the Product

Zippykind is one of the delivery management software that helps to automate many of the logistics delivery processes. It's powerful features streamline your whole delivery operations easily. Customers can get instant notifications on their order progress and can view their delivery agents' Estimated Time of Arrival(ETA) through Zippykind.

2. Features

·        Interactive Admin Dashboard

·        Route optimization

·        Proof of Delivery

·        Autonomous Communication

·        Enhanced Analytics

3. Founded:2016

4. Country : United States

5. Price : Starting Price $0.19/month

6. Free Trial : Yes

7. Support : Business Hours

Client Review:

This software is completely customizable and is to put is simple. Awesome! It has significantly improved the operations of our courier service.


1. About the Product

GetSwift is a cloud based delivery management software that helps to optimize your delivery business with real time tracking, managing in simple and smart. It's route optimization feature optimize the route for every delivery driver based on distance and ETA. It will save you the driving time, cost, and distance traveled.

2. Features

·        Real time tracking

·        Automate Dispatching

·        Live Management Dashboard

·        Smart Routing

·        Proof of Delivery

3. Founded: 2013

4. Country : United States

5. Price : Starting Price $0.29

6. Free Trial : Yes

7. Support : 24/7 (Live Rep)

Client Review:

GetSwift's approach, onboarding and hand holding support is world class! Love the simplicity to the platform.


1. About the Product

Tookan's customized pickup and delivery management solution helps to monitor and manage your field force in real time. It helps to save cost, time, and streamline your delivery business process with smart dispatching. Tookan make sure the deliveries with real-time route optimization and end-to-end tracking

2. Features

·        Real-time tracking

·        Route Planning

·        Easy Integration

·        Powerful Analytics

·        Order Tracking

3. Founded: 2011

4. Country : United States

5. Price : 15$/month

6. Free Trial : Yes

7. Support : Online, Business Hours, 24/7 (Live Rep)

Client Review:

Easy to use with a feature set that is highly customisable and applicable through many different use cases.


1. About the Product

SimplyDeliver providing the innovative solution to delivery based businesses. This solution will help you to automate your delivery management process effectively and simplifies the task of delivery with real-time alerts & notifications. It's End-to-end solution empowers your eCommerce, courier delivery business and more.

2. Features

·        Electronic Proof of Delivery app

·        Real-time delivery tracking

·        Support for End-to-End Visibility

·        Integrated with any system

·        Real-time Notifications

3. Founded: 2017

4. Country : Netherlands

5. Price : Starting Price $38.00/month/user

6. Free Trial : Yes

7. Support : Online, Business Hours