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PowerPoint Presentation Design Tips for Beautiful Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation Design Tips for Beautiful Presentation

Friday August 30, 2019,

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Designs play an essential part when it comes to PowerPoint presentation preparation. The content and design differentiate an excellent performance from a bad one. Even if you give a perfect speech, still the PowerPoint presentation designs that you add makes a significant impact. It can help you to send a compelling message to your audience with effective PowerPoint presentation designs. You use a visage, keynote, good old PDF, or a PowerPoint.

presentation design tips

We are going to discuss the top design tips for a beautiful presentation. It will help you in creating a well-design PowerPoint presentation slides.

  • Skip the stock template

The slide theme that you include in the PowerPoint presentation in your software looks dull and ugly. Cleaner PowerPoint presentation designs must be used to start a clean presentation

  • Don't use more than six lines of text

If you pack too much information into a slide, it will be compact, and the purpose is undermined. You must keep in mind that the audience can visualize and process everything from PowerPoint presentation designs while you talk

  • Use quality photography

Photography is the best method to make your PowerPoint presentation designs look beautiful. Use a white background if you are PowerPoint presentation designs for business purpose.

If a picture is on a white background, then don't consider it as a good photo. Don't use a pretty ugly photograph to have it on a slide. It is better not to put a picture than an ugly one.

  • Ditch the bullet points

Don't put too many bullet points in a PowerPoint presentation. If you keep fewer bullet points in a slide, your audience will able to catch the message. Use your performance effectively to communicate with the audience. Try to build a story for each slide and share your idea.

  • Use San serif fonts

Use a creative font that will attract your audience for a slide title and do not use a body text. Stick to clean typefaces. Make the text bold, so it is easy for your audience to read.

You can create typical licensed content if you want. The content is freely available, and it requires attribution that comes in the form of a simple slide. You can also link the photo sources at the end of the PowerPoint presentation.

  • Use no more than five colors

Palette enhances the entire presentation. There is no need for complex textures or gradients. You can achieve the desired results with the use of appropriate colors. Use a tool to choose a proper selection

  • Solid colors rock

Don't use a fancy photo or crazy background to make a PowerPoint presentation design look fantastic. Use solid colors that can make the display look beautiful and the audience will find it interesting

  • Typography speaks volume

The people who are not designers feel stress out for finding a proper typeface for a performance. You should use the right font can make a beautiful presentation. Typography is an art form in the design field, and it can rock the stage just the way you want.


We discussed the tops design tips for a beautiful presentation. Make sure that you put a little extra effort and make your performance awesome. Using PowerPoint presentation design is very important. You can approach the presentation design agency experts who provide training in PowerPoint presentation design, visualizing storytelling, and learning.

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