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Top 5 Innovative Health Care Startups in India

Top 5 Innovative Health Care Startups in India

Tuesday April 14, 2020,

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The Healthcare industry in the country has always posed a challenge because of the lack of adequate infrastructure and facilities. The need for success is making people forget about their health. As the saying goes "health is wealth" remains true to date. The Healthcare industry is growing rapidly in terms of quality and revenue. Many innovative healthcare startups have started in the recent past. They sell medicines online and look after many healthcare segments of the country.

Some of the innovative health care startups in India are listed as under:

  • Candiphi

Candhipi is a healthcare technology company that is known to provide doorstep screening services and online medical consultations through the use of advanced technology. With Candiphi, you can call a clinic to your home called Clinic in a Bag. The results will be provided in an instant and preventive health care checks can be done at the comfort of your home.

A corporate wellness package is also provided to employees at their workplace. This is done to prevent any kind of chronic or other illness. Ryan Lemos is the founder of Candiphi.

  • NetMeds

NetMeds is an online pharmacy that has taken up almost every area in India and is an active online pharmacy platform. It is also known as "India Ki Pharmacy" and provides ease in shopping for medicines and online healthcare services in India. A 24/7 online portal is present in all mobile apps spread over 14 logistics in the country. A team of licensed pharmacists receives and digitizes millions of prescriptions that are handwritten. 

By the year 2018, NetMeds has grown to $512 million and is expected to rise by $3.645 billion by 2022.

  • PharmEasy

PharmEasy is one of the popular health care services startups in India which is a Mumbai based startup started by Dharmil Seth in the year 2015. The entire story started with the idea of delivering affordable medicines through chain supply management and meeting the needs of almost 1 lakh families. PharmEasy lets you place orders with just 3 simple clicks and you will get your medicines delivered on time. They planned to build an ecosystem to connect with patients, pharmacies, doctors, diagnostics centers, etc. 

The technologies used by PharmEasy helps to connect with many pharmacies across cities and towns, villages of India. Even people in villages will be able to get whatever medicines they require.

  • BloodSure

BloodSure is an NPO social platform which connects with blood donors and platelet donors with those who are in real need. It was founded by Raghav Baldwa in the year 2012. The main aim of the startup is to cover the shortage of blood by the year 2027. Blood sure has reached about 15,000 patients till now and has an active network of 1.25 lakhs of donors situated in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. The startup has organized about 35 camps till now and collected 4,000 pints of blood from 75,000 blood donors. 

The app can locate blood donors in a particular region and reach out to them to donate blood. The initiative has been in collaboration with WHO to help people fighting depression.

  • Practo

Practo is an independent medical platform that connects with millions of patients, donors, doctors around the world and helps people make better healthcare decisions. Practo has helped people in booking an appointment with doctor, online doctor consultation, searching for an expert and even getting their tests done. Practo has come up with a diagnostics search feature to include high-quality photographs of patients. 

Medical reports and data can be managed using the Practo application. It is a Bangalore based startup that was founded in the year 2008. After consultation with doctors, the patients can also order online medicines with this application. 


Health is the most important thing and startups are trending healthcare to a different level. The main aim of these startups is to keep patients healthy and safe. Successful startups are those who think about their patients and also see profits as their byproduct. If these medical startups are doing good, then they are thinking about their patients well.