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Top IoT Trends that will dominate 2019

Top IoT Trends that will dominate 2019

Thursday February 14, 2019,

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Top IoT Trends in 2019

Since the early ages, humans have constantly craved for greater comfort level. The advancements in technologies are always inclined towards attaining a higher level of lifestyle. Internet of Things has served this purpose extremely well for us.

In simple words, the Internet of things is anything related to devices which are connected to the internet. We all are surrounded by such devices in our routine life. This is the reason why IoT trends have shown remarkable growth in recent years.

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Through research by Statista, the number of connected devices worldwide, that is, the Internet of things were determined. It was found out that their numbers are increasing at a fast and steady pace.

The figures for 2020 to 2025 were predicted in the research. An image depicting their findings is given below:

IOt Development Company

It is clear evidence of the fact that today IoT has become an integral part of our life. It is not easy for a person with less technical knowledge to imagine how many complex tasks can be performed by IoT smoothly and with minimum efforts.

Every rising arena offers opportunities for business and the domain of IoT is no different. Enterprises are exploring this area and developing innovations that are changing the whole world as a society.

IOT Development Industry

The above image is the graphical representation of the finding by he GrowthEnabler. In its report, it stated certain surprising estimations related to IoT. It was predicted that by 2020, the global market size of IoT will reach $457.29 billion.

The report on IoT by GrowthEnabler also estimated the Global market share of sub-sectors. The image of their findings is given below:


IOT Development Trends

The continuous explorations by IoT development companies are the reason behind the constant changes in the Internet of Things Trends. Here are Top IoT trends in 2019

Welcoming 5G

Consumer convenience products

Smart enterprises

Cloud to Edge computing

Legal and ethical concerns

We are discussing these Internet of Things trends in detail:

Welcoming 5G:

The upcoming 5G this year will bring a tremendous year for IoT. It is one of the most expected and long-awaited technology trend in this industry which might start a completely new era.


5G is the next wireless mobile technology standard and will be succeeding 4G. The latest report by International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasted the expected spending on 5G network infrastructure. It is expected to jump from $528 million in 2018 to $26 billion in 2022.

Undoubtedly, due to huge costing involved in its projects, it will remain slightly away from mainstream industry projects. The IoT development company with heavy capital and well-planned projects will probably end up working in this technology.

Consumer Convenience Products:

Smart cities, homes, and enterprises are providing humans with a high level of convenience in their daily life. Automation industry has been on an accelerating pace in introducing new technologies every other day.

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It is estimated by a Statista research that smart home global market will reach up to 53 million dollars by 2022. This clearly shows that more and more consumers are preferring to live in automated homes.  A graphical representation of the same is given below:


Smart locks, automatic cars or lights have added a supreme level of comfort in our lives. Moreover, they have increased the excitement in our monotonous routines. It has replaced the need for manual support in our tasks.  

Smart enterprises:

Just like smart homes, the automation industry has made the enterprises smart as well. One can say that a techno-industrial revolution is taking place and will get a rise in this year. Smart manufacturing techniques are cutting long term costs for industries.

You must be wondering what makes an enterprise smart? Any work area which is supported by digital technologies like the Internet of Things come to a step closer to being smart. The below image shows how an enterprise can be made smart:


Some technologies are making it possible for engineers to keep an eye on the data and the factory operations from their office desk. A hands-free process is rising today with the introduction of artificial intelligence solutions in industries.

Cloud to edge computing:

Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure cloud services are the top cloud services choice currently. Their infrastructure and marketing facility is in great demand for the speedy release of new IoT devices.

In 2019, edge computing is coming as a solution for tasks where cloud computing isn't possible. It optimizes applications or cloud computing systems by taking some portion of its data from central nodes.

At a further stage, it takes them to other logical extremes of the internet. Finally, it comes into contact with the end users. The comparison of the cost of both these types of computing is given below in the image.



The huge difference between their cost makes the edge computing a trending choice for IoT developing companies in the upcoming years in every industry solutions. We can conclude that edge computing is the succeeding technology of cloud computing.

Legal and ethical concerns:

The cybersecurity is not a well-developed field until now. The infant nature of some newly introduced innovations of IoT has made it lesser secure. Moreover, the data and software thefts have been always a concern in this domain.

A number of nations have added laws for ensuring cybersecurity. This protects the unethical use of electronic data legally. Worldwide there have may such cases registered to protect many sectors including the web Development companies.


Along with the legal concerns, social issues also hold great importance in the Internet of things devices. Customer privacy intentions should be clear and must be controlled legally. The vulnerabilities in this arena can pose great problems if not controlled timely.


These trends are shaping our society into a more sustainable one. By using automated IoT devices, smart enterprises, and connected homes, we are able to save energy. The dependence on humans for saving the environment is diminishing.

As the intelligence of machines is increasing, it has become less important for every human to be aware and responsible towards their routine tasks. These Internet of Things trends in 2019 will surely upheave our lifestyle in some new surprising ways.

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