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Top Mobile App Development Companies In The Market

Whether you are venturing into a new startup or you have a decade old business, whatever be the state of your business, developing a mobile app in this tech savvy world is one definite step towards your success.

Top Mobile App Development Companies In The Market

Thursday January 17, 2019,

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Whether you are planning on launching a startup or have a decade old business, having a mobile app nowadays is turning into the need of the hour. In this age of tech savviness reaching the targeted audience just by word of mouth or just by conventional marketing is impossible. Sometimes even by using conventional marketing you might not get the desirable ROI (Return on Investment). Having a mobile app not only increases your customer outreach but also plays the primal role in customer retention. So read on and get an overview about mobile apps and the leading developing companies.

Mobile app

A mobile app or application is a software specially designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers etc. Every mobile app is designed taking in consideration a specific functioning, be it gaming or social networking or multimedia or e commerce. Although nowadays some apps are being designed having multi-tasking abilities but mostly application softwares are function specific.

A good app is considered which has a user friendly and intuitive UI. The installation of an app often increases it acceptability to consumers. But the biggest element for an app to be a success lies in its end-to-end encrypted security, debugging and timely updates.   

Approaches for app development

There are two different kinds of approaches taken by the companies for developing the mobile app. It can be a native mobile which in simple terms mean designed specifically for a web –based or specific platform. Or it can be a hybrid app which incorporates the elements of both web and native platforms. Now, as for developing apps some apps are paid while others are free, while some apps have certain in-app purchase features as well. All these are targeted for different class of audiences and this completely depends on your nature of business and specifications.

Now that you gathered an overview about what mobile apps are the question of which top mobile app development company to choose from arise. Here are a list of potential giants in the field of app development, read on and choose wisely.

  • Konstant Infosolutions

Established in 2003, Konstant Infosolution is a premiere mobile app development company having more than 170+ trained experts and some top-notch clients like TABCO, Citrix, Rawbank, Houghton, Thomasville etc. With a charge of less than $25/ hour and having expertise in E Commerce solutions, native and cross- mobile app development company it is a definite leader in this arena.

  • Moon Technolabs

The best in the field of mobile app development is probably Moon Technolabs. With an experience of more than 9 years and receiving awards like “Best app development company” from GESIA 8th Annual Award 2015, and accreditation from Silicon India Magazine and Clutch CO, Moon Technolabs is one the top mobile app development company globally. With a team of experienced in vast array of domains having specialty in building up both native and hybrid apps and minimal hourly rates less than $25 dollar/hour this company is sure to develop your app with utmost professionalism.

  • Fueled

Established in 2008, Fueled have a set of agile and skilled team of developers with innovative designs and interfaces for apps. Having an hourly rate around $150-$199/hr and some top notch clients like Crunchbase, Verizon, Happify etc this company is amongst the best players in app developing

  • Inflexion

Established in 1999, this is the oldest player in the market. They are a trustworthy architect of building apps in Php platforms having best in class UI designs. Their specialty lies in quality testing and high end security for the apps developed by them. Their rates range from $25-$49 and have some eminent clients like Expedia, EBay, Cisco etc.

  • IntellectSoft

Founded in 2007, this company specializes in mobile apps which are fully customized as per client specifications. Having delivered more than 300 projects worldwide, the expertise of IntellectSoft lies in agile deliverance of projects. Their rates range from $50-$99/hr.

Which company to choose from

Amongst all the giant players in the world of mobile app development the choice of company should be according to customer specifications. The best choice should be the one having a perfect blend in experience and expertise. A company which has worked in an array of domains and is acclaimed globally with cost effectiveness is the best company to choose for. It’s here that Moon Technolabs emerges as a remarkable name.