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Top 10 Web Design Companies in Chennai - 2020

Listing the best web design companies in Chennai based on their portfolio, customer satisfaction, years of experience, strength and quality services.

Top 10 Web Design Companies in Chennai - 2020

Sunday November 24, 2019,

8 min Read

The web design industry is highly dynamic.

New technologies are invented constantly and the ways we develop websites and web apps vary quickly.

Along with that, some dominant players in the web design industry fade away as they fail to upgrade their arsenal and meanwhile, new players emerge and dominate the market quickly leveraging the power of new technologies.

As a result, it becomes very difficult for businesses to pick the best web design companies for their requirements. A web design company that was the best in the industry last year may no longer be the best after a year. Therefore, it’s very important for you to hire a web design company based on what they are today.

An agency that won the award for the best web design agency two years ago may not be your best option today. So, I have created a list of top web design companies in Chennai for 2020 after analyzing the performance of dozens of agencies.


The order of the list is purely random. The first agency in the list doesn’t mean it’s better than all others in the list or vice versa. Each company has its own strengths. The agencies in this list are featured for their unique strengths which highlighted in the specialty section in the description of each agency.

1: Spidergems

Spidergems is an innovative and award-winning web design company in Chennai. It has won several awards and recognitions in 2019 for the innovative web solutions created by them.

Spidergems is specialized in offering Google optimized, customized CMS based web design solutions to MSMEs. It has a good reputation in the industry for building clean and unique websites that align with the brand identity ad image of the company.


The specialty of Spidergems is in delivering web solutions that are optimized for search engines and better user-experience.

It’s a trustable partner for businesses and SEO agencies requiring SEO-friendly websites.

  • Address: F2, Plot No 11, Skylab Avenue, Sithalapakkam, Chennai – 600126, Tamil Nadu
  • Phone: +91 861 032 3760
  • Website: https://spidergems.com
  • Web Design Clients: L&T, Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, See Change Consulting, Infinix

2: iStudio Technologies

iStudio is one of the most experienced web design agency. It was established in 2002 and it offers a complete range of web solutions. Whether you are looking for a simple corporate website or a full-fledged web app, iStudio can provide you with the exact solution for your requirement. iStudio has won several awards for its innovative web solutions.


iStudio is specialized in comprehensive web app solutions. Businesses requiring advanced web applications that use various web technologies will find iStudio as a perfect agency for their requirements.

  • Address: No: 10/1, 1st floor, Chowdry Nagar, 1st Street, Valasaravakkam, Chennai 600087
  • Phone: +91 880 700 3902
  • Website: https://www.istudiotech.in
  • Web Design Clients: Skywalk, Visteon

3: Mirror Minds Technology Solutions

Mirror Minds offers expert custom web solutions at affordable rates. It also has talented branding experts. It helps you to complete both the branding and web designing in one place. Besides, they also deliver related services like mobile app development, digital marketing, and web hosting solutions.


Mirror Minds is an expert in building websites that sell. Businesses and digital marketing agencies that require conversion-optimized websites will find Mirror Minds as a trustable partner.

  • Address: No. 17, 1st floor, Viswanathapuram 2nd St, Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600024
  • Phone: +91 904 263 0630
  • Website: http://www.mirrorminds.in
  • Web Design Clients: Dental Avenue, Big Laundry

4: Dotfusion Technologies

Dotfusion is an innovative digital agency delivering a wide array of digital solutions. They have strong expertise in WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. The highly creative designers at Dotfusion can come up with unique websites that make you stand apart from the crowd.


Dotfusion is specialized in building simple and elegant websites for small businesses and organizations. The competitive pricing makes Dotfusion a suitable agency for those who want to create a website under low expense.

  • Address: 208, Golden George Nagar, Church Street, Mogappair East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600107
  • Phone: +91 766 766 9020
  • Website: http://www.dotfusion.in
  • Web Design Clients: Travel Best, My Mart

5: 360degreeinfo

360degreeinfo is a team of web designers with vast experience. It is specialized in delivering the right web solutions for businesses. The creative designers at 360degreeinfo can help you to build a dazzling online presence with a beautiful website. The strength of 360degreeinfo is in providing cost-effective ecommerce solutions.


360degreeinfo is a creative web design studio. If you need a website with a unique design that gives you a distinctive online identity, 360degreeinfo can help you.

  • Address: No.82, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 600024, Tamil Nadu
  • Phone: +91 444 213 2523
  • Website: https://360degreeinfo.com
  • Web Design Clients: Co-optex, Tamil Nadu Veterinary College

6: Jayam Web Solutions

Jayam Web Solutions is one of the top-notch agencies for customized web solutions. They are specialized in ecommerce development, WordPress development, and mobile app development. They provide SEO-friendly web design services at competitive rates. If you want to create a website that should get a good ranking in Google for relevant searches, Jyam Web Solutions is one of the best options you can choose.


Jayam Web Solutions creates websites that project businesses the right way. Businesses offering unique services and struggling to communicate it to the website visitors will find Jayam Web Solutions extremely helpful.

  • Address: No.1, First Floor, First Street, Bharati Nagar, West Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600063
  • Phone: +91 442 276 1701
  • Website: https://www.jayamwebsolutions.com
  • Web Design Clients: Umelan Health Care, Safe Electrical Works

7: eFosys

eFosys is an ecommerce development agency it’s one of the best places for creating online stores for your ecommerce business. Their pricing starts from 25,000 INR and it included free SSL, free one year hosting and an Android app.

Apart from ecommerce website development, eFosys also offer other web solutions. So, the professional team at eFosys can deliver you the perfect solutions for all your needs.


eFosys is an expert in building dynamic websites like job portals, news websites, booking websites, matrimonial portals, online classified websites, etc. So, if you need an interactive data-based web app, eFosys is the right place for you.

  • Address: 38, Ebrahim Shahib St, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600001
  • Phone: +91 866 765 7124
  • Website: https://www.efosys.com
  • Web Design Clients: Sanwin Logistics, Remo International

8: Bytesflow

Bytesflow is a team of creative designers and talented developers with expertise in a wide range of technologies. Bytesflow can deliver you with the perfect solution for your any requirement because they have experts in all major web technologies. So, if you need a website or web app that uses multiple technologies, Bytesflow would be the best option.


Bytesfow is one of the rare web design agencies in Chennai that still maintain their skills in .NET technologies. So, if you need a new website or redesign an existing website powered by .NET, Bytesflow is the right place.

  • Address: 25, Brahmin St, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042
  • Phone: +91 984 192 4115
  • Website: https://bytesflow.com
  • Web Design Clients: Aagmaey, BIOCON

9: Webkites

Webkites is an agency delivering web solutions focused on usability and quality design. It’s one of the best options for those who need to create a user-friendly website or web app in Chennai. Webkites is specialized in building dynamic websites like matrimony portals, job portals, and ecommerce websites.


Webkites team is an expert in building web solutions integrated with multiple online solutions. They have a very good API integration team which makes the process of integrating all the tools easier. So, if you need to build a website that requires to be connected with various online applications via API, Websites are a perfect choice.

  • Address: No.78, Second Floor, V V Kovil Street, Thiruvaleeswarar Nagar, Thirumangalam, Anna Nagar West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040
  • Phone: +91 741 838 5210
  • Website: https://www.webkites.in
  • Web Design Clients: Domain Name Portfolio, PIME

10: Aktis Web Solutions

Aktis creates websites focused on usability, simplicity, and user-friendliness. They put special emphasis on easy navigation, clear copy, and simple and persuasive call to action. It’s one of the most reputed and recommended agencies in Chennai because of their quality service.


Aktis creates clean and simple designs. So, if you want to create a website with minimalist design and good user-experience, Aktis is the perfect choice for you.

  • Address: B1, Ishwarya Gardens Extension, Medavakkam, Chennai - 600100
  • Phone: +91 984 073 0213
  • Website: http://www.aktiswebsolutions.com
  • Web Design Clients: SRM Builders, ABC Legal Services