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Top 5 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Providers in 2020

Top 5 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Providers in 2020

Tuesday April 14, 2020,

6 min Read

White label cryptocurrency exchange platforms have paved the way for the ongoing crypto exchange industry boom. Businesses aspiring to run their crypto trading platform, have been getting the required infrastructural and maintenance support from these companies. The leading white-label software providers have empowered such smaller exchanges and businesses with robust infrastructure and smooth operations from the get-go.  

What is a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform? 

A cryptocurrency exchange or trading platform is where people can trade in Bitcoin and Altcoins (digital assets). A white label crypto exchange platform, on the other hand, offers the infrastructure of an established and running exchange to another company, for re-branding.

White label software is a highly scalable market-ready product that others can customize as per their business and aesthetics requirements. The buying company is at liberty to change the color scheme, add the logo and optimize the white label product to their liking. 

White label crypto exchange software benefits an organization in multiple ways:

  • It saves them the time needed to build an exchange from scratch allowing faster deployment. 
  • The buying company saves finances that otherwise would have gone in hiring technical resources
  • It saves the organization from going through tiring trial and error phases of exchange creation
  • White label products have the potential to bring forth greater returns against the initial investment

Given below is a list of top five providers of white label cryptocurrency exchange products and solutions.

HashCash Consultants

Country – USA

HashCash Consultants is a California based software company that specializes in Blockchain and crypto-based products and services including White label crypto exchange software. The company is known to provide businesses with scalable and highly customizable white-label software for cryptocurrency exchanges.

The software comes with a high-frequency crypto trading platform that supports all major global fiats. There are encrypted hot wallet and a multi-signature cold wallet with a robust matching engine, with the ease of adding and removing crypto trading pairs. 

Product features include order book and matching engine, CMS, document management, KYC verification, wallet management system, UI/UX branding, block confirmation tracking, mobile application, ERC20 compatibility, etc.

It comes with additional features such as exchange FIX API, pending transaction handling, multi-language support, advanced security features (prevention, detection, and remedial cyber security), DR protocol and more. 

Major Services Offered by Company:   

Blockchain solutions on core banking, commercial lending, digital identity, and risk management, insurance, payment processing, financial market and investment management, supply chain management. 

Services focusing on digital assets include crypto exchange, crypto exchange Algo trading, ICO services, white label ICO platform, crypto payment processor, crypto development, coin listing, security token offering, etc.

HashCash offers a plethora of other advanced technological services like Blockchain IoT development and consulting services. It runs one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA named PayBito. 


Country – Germany

Enhanced security and extensive customization are the USPs of the white label crypto exchange software offered by Skalex. The company boasts of an experienced and skilled team of blockchain developers offering scalable solutions to businesses. 

The product features include API integration, market making, crypto to fiat exchange option, liquidity options, multi-currency enabled, etc. 

Major Services Offered by the Company:

Other services offered by Skalex include ICO and STO platform development, crypto development and more. 

Infinite Block Tech  

Country – USA

Infinite Block Tech is a white label crypto exchange development company that offers businesses with a secured and highly functional digital assets trading platform. They were one of the first to develop customizable exchange platforms and provide innovative solutions in the domain. 

Security is heavily prioritized by the company, and they follow a detailed seven-step process to create a stable platform for businesses. 

The product features include admin back end panel, API integration, multi-language support, SEO/SEM enabled, trade matching engine, integrated referral program, margin trading, mobile application, payment gateway integration and more. 

Major Services Offered by the Company:

Services offered include token development and listing, STO services (development, marketing, exchange, ETO development services, crypto development, crypto wallet development, crypto ATM software, blockchain consultation, etc.  

Antier Solutions

Country – UK & USA

Antier Solutions offers blockchain development services along with white label cryptocurrency exchange software. Businesses get to leverage their scalable and customizable white label solutions for the re-branding of a seamless trading platform. 

The software features include high TPS or transactions per second, liquidity options, API integration, margin trading, and more

Major Services Offered by the Company

Other major services provided by the company include white-label wallet development, STO (security token offering), peer to peer platform development, stablecoin development, blockchain consulting services, crypto and ICO development, smart contract development, peer to peer lending platform development   

BitHolla – HollaEx Kit 

Country – South Korea  


The HollaEx Kit was developed by the Seoul based tech company BitHolla that specializes in providing blockchain solutions and services to businesses. The USP of this open-source white label crypto exchange software is that, it comes with a self-launch kit, allowing anyone to launch and run their exchange and list tokens. It comes with a simple and user-friendly dashboard that can be customized even if the person has no coding skills. 

The user interface has a free trial run for 15 days. One has to stake the proprietary XHT (HollaEx token) token, to operate the exchange and the HollaEx kit. It can be reclaimed if at any point the user wishes to stop running the exchange. The kit comes with the promise of smooth on-boarding and quick deployment of the trading platform.

The exchange software features include KYC flow, affiliate and referral system, web front-end source code, admin panel source code, and other advanced security and technical support. 

At present, there are about 3000 cryptocurrencies that are being traded in more than 500 exchnages out of which 259 are actively tracked by CoinMarketCap. With crypto investments increasing at an exponential rate, running an exchange has become a lucrative venture for businesses. You can embark on your crypto journey and get the required guidance and infrastructural support from the above mentioned top white label cryptocurrency exchange software providers.